Holiday Crafting With Kids

Holiday Crafting With Kids
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My kids and I have been crafting together since my boys were tiny, and we've all come a long way since those first projects. They are now 9 and 10, and my daughter is 3 1/2, so we have to allow them creativity, while making it easy for her. Here are a few tips:
-Realize that the attention span of a toddler differs from a GREATLY from an older child. When your toddler starts grabbing the other kids creations to see how easy they will come apart, give them markers, watercolors, a brush and a lot of plain paper! Ask them to paint pretty pictures for everyone. After that plays out, hand them glue and scraps of ribbon, paper and any other toddler safe leftovers. The older kids can continue making their projects and things will go much better. We've lasted almost 2 hours doing it this way.

-Have EVERYTHING you will be using ready to go (I use clear tubs), so you don't have to stop and find something. Save scraps of everything! Ideas: craft sticks, lace, ribbon, glitter, paint, beads, sequins, yarn, twine, raffia, artificial greens and flowers. I rarely throw anything away. If Christmas decorations are getting a little rough-take them apart and put them in the craft tub. You can cut garland into pieces, flower arrangements can be recycled into new crafts, as well as broken ornaments. I throw it away if it's a hazard, otherwise it stays. Kid's LOVE using scraps.

-Put aside YOUR expectations. Allow the kids to be creative. Have instructions, ideas and plans ready, but if they go off in a different direction within reason it's okay! Guiding is good-but trying to control what they do just ends up in frustration for them and you. Craft along side the kids-they'll learn from you but also add their own creative touches. Creativity is a GOOD thing!

-Plan on two hours tops, and if it goes longer for the older kids that's fine, especially if they are finishing a project, but this is probably the limit for toddlers. Lastly, have fun!


I decided to have craft time with my grandkids using packaging peanuts. Using a glue stick which works well and dries quickly forming the peanuts into snowflakes and then dusting with very fine white glitter. I tried this before I shared with the kids they came out great and look beautiful. However, they just weren't in the mood. When I noticed them having more fun just feeling and playing with the peanuts I decided to just go for it. I tossed the peanuts in the air like snow flakes. I have never seen them laugh and have so much fun playing with the peanuts they were tossing them in the air as if they were playing in the snow. My husband and I just were so amazed at how something so simple gave them so much joy. In fact the two year old was laughing so hard he could hardly catch his breath. I suppose they never expected me to let them go at it. As for the clean up very simple they even were happy helping with pick up and good exercise. I wouldn't suggest this with small children that are still putting things in their mouths. ~Veronica Flores


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