Using Herbs During the Holidays

Using Herbs During the Holidays
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Using Herbs During the HolidaysHerbs add an elegant or rustic touch to your holiday decor, depending on how you use them. Either way, I can't imagine a holiday without them. The natural greens and reds in herbs and peppers compliment Christmas colors.

Use them for garnish, in your centerpieces and in your decor. The following crafts can be used for your own decor or given as gifts.

Holiday Thyme Wreath

You will need:

5 inch foam wreath base
green floral tape
floral pin or crafting wire
hot glue gun and glue
about 200 Thyme stems- 1 1/2 inches long
Red Velvet Ribbon-premade or made yourself

Wrap the wreath base with green floral tape. Bend the floral pin in half and stick in the back of the base to act as a hanger OR I also like to use the crafting wire that can be bent over the base and curled at the top to use as a hanger. Either is fine. Gather the thyme stems into about 50 little bouquets, wrapping each one with floral tape on the stems. Hot glue the bouquets around the entire wreath until it is covered-placing them all at the same angle. Fill in any empty spots with extra thyme stems or add an accent such as berries or baby's breath.

Herb Wall Basket

You will need:

Flat grapevine wall basket or other vine shape
Sheet moss
dried oregano blooms
Dried red peppers-any variety or size
whole garlic heads
glue gun

Arrange the moss on the front bottom of your basket or other shape as a "base". Hot glue stems of oregano so it fans outs on top and above the moss. Keep it near the top. You will then arrange your red peppers and garlic bulbs on the center and tie a raffia bow on the side or the top of the arrangement. You can also use floral wire to attach your items. I've also used other dried herb blooms.

Easy Herb Ornament Ideas

-Fill clear plastic ornaments with dried herbs and flowers. Tie with a pretty ribbon and hang! You can fill these with potpourri too, and glue herb sprigs and flowers to the top as well!

-Gather together small bundles of herbs (about 3-4 inches in length) and tie with a pretty red or gold ribbon. Hang on the tree! Do this with larger bundles to place around the house and you can use the wire ribbon in pretty Christmas colors and form a bow where you gather and tie.

Herb and Flower Ornaments

You will need:

Styrofoam balls-any size
white craft glue or a low temp glue gun
dried herbs, potpourri, or dried flowers
pretty ribbon or natural raffia
straight pins
Optional: Spanish moss, or other moss, paint

You can paint the Styrofoam balls a muted green if you wish, or use glue to attach foam to the ball and cover the surface. Attach a piece of ribbon as a hanger with a pin, and place a drop of glue on the pin head to help keep it in place. You can use raffia for this too or jute if you want to go for a very rustic look. Glue on any tiny dried flowers (rose buds, oregano blooms, lavender buds etc.) first, spacing fairly evenly on the surface of the ball.

In between the flowers fill in with tiny sprigs of dried herbs such as rosemary, oregano, lavender, or pieces from potpourri. You can fill the surface of the ball or allow the moss to show through a little. Hang on trees, or wrap in tissue paper and give as gifts to visitors to take home with them. These also make nice package toppers. If you do this with large Styrofoam balls you can hang them from doorways!

Table Top Herb Christmas Tree

You will need:

A miniature Christmas tree
herb sprigs-rosemary, oregano, thyme, lavender
thin ribbon in desired colors
Small dried flowers
tiny strands of pearls

I am very frugal, and I did this with a small fake tree from a discount store-I also found a small topiary for a dollar that I do the same thing with. Basically, you tuck tiny sprigs of herbs within the branches of the tree, then add tiny flowers, spaced evenly around the tree.

The tree I used didn't even need glue-the herbs stayed nicely by themselves. Use the ribbon and strands of pearls as garland. I started at the top and sort of weaved them down the tree to the bottom and tucked in the ends. The pearls can be found at craft stores with wedding supplies and they are inexpensive.



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