A Friendly Halloween

A Friendly Halloween

By Brenda Hyde

When kids are younger it's always important to make Halloween a friendly and nonthreatening holiday. As adults, we can handle seeing that costume from the "Scream" movie 200 times in one night, but small kids are frightened easily and need to feel safe.

Consider what would be fun for your child or grandchild. It may be completely different than what we want. Very small children are happy with a handful of candy and quick visits to family and friends. The more busy and loud their surroundings are, the faster they could become confused and agitated. Consider a small party with grandma, grandpa and other family members. You can serve homemade donuts, cider and have several simple crafts and games. The great thing with small kids is they don't know what day Halloween actually is, so you can plan the party for a Saturday when everyone can visit! Here is a simple halloween craft you can make:

Pumpkin Faces

You'll need:

paper plates

orange paint

pumpkin or sunflower seeds




yarn for hanging

hole punch

brown construction paper

If you are doing this for a party, you'll need to paint one paper plate per person orange and allow it to dry. Set a table up with bowls or cups that have assorted buttons, beads and seeds. (if the kids are under three you'll need to really watch them to make sure they aren't eating the craft supplies!). Each person glues on whatever small items they want to create their own pumpkin face. Cut a stem out of the brown paper to make a stem and glue it on the back of the pumpkin face. Punch two holes, spaced evenly on the top of the plate-one on each side, and tie each side of a piece of yarn to one hole. This will allow the faces to hang evenly. Another fun idea is to use small paper plates and make a garland by stringing them with yarn for Halloween decorating!

About the Author:

Brenda is a mom to three, a wife and a freelance writer living in the Midwest United States. She is also editor of Old Fashioned Living.


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