Fourth of July Craft Fun

Fourth of July Craft Fun

By Brenda Hyde

Fourth of July crafts are fun and easy to make. Get the entire family involved! The first decoration can be made any time and hung on the porch. The hat is great for making before attending the fireworks!

A Patriotic Paper Windsock

You will need:

One rounded oatmeal or cornmeal box

Blue, red and white construction paper

red and blue markers

star shaped cookie cutter, stamp or stencil



hole punch

string or fishing line

steamers-red and white crepe paper, or strips of paper

Step 1. Cut off the bottom of your rounded box. (parents can do this easily by running a knife around the bottom, instead of actually cutting a section off.) Cover the entire box with blue paper-glue on securely (you can staple too if you wish). Any size rounded container works well-the large oatmeal containers make a nice big tube with room for more stars and adding "Happy 4th of July!".

Step 2. Using the cookie cutter, stencil or stamp of a star as a pattern draw 6-12 stars (depending on how big your tube is) on the white paper and carefully cut them out. Glue on to your blue box-spacing them around the entire thing.

Step 3. For your streamers you will need some type of red and white paper strips. You can use shredded paper from a paper shredder (parents must do this part), or crepe paper that is cut in half lengthwise, or other paper that has been cut into strips. Be creative with what you have around the house! Cut them fairly long-12 inches or so. Staple or tape them to the bottom of your box-spacing evenly so they hang off the tube. Lastly, punch four holes in the top of your box-be very careful to punch one hole on each side and space them evenly so it will hang correctly. Cut two 12 inch pieces of string-tie each one through two holes and tie in a knot, so you now have two "loops" on each side. Take another 12 inch string and tie it through both loops. This string is the one you will attach to your porch, so it waves around in the breeze!

A Fourth of July Hat!

You will need:

white poster board

red and blue markers, crayons or paint


Glitter paint


Red and blue construction paper

Step 1:You will need to cut a piece of poster board for each hat about 6-8 inches wide, with the length measuring just enough to fit around the person's head with a little room to spare. (Use a measuring tape, paper or ribbon to put around their head and mark the length you will need)

Step 2: Now you will decorate your hat BEFORE stapling it together. This is where you have many options! Each person can paint or color stars around the surface of their hat or write on phrases such as:

I love the red, white and blue!

Happy Fourth of July!

Celebrate Our Independence Day!

I love America!

You can also add paint, glitter, or cut shapes that can be placed around the top of the hat. You could even use patriotic stickers from the store, or attach a small pinwheel to your hat!

Step 3: Once your hat is decorated and dry, secure it together with several staples to fasten together the two edges. Place it on your head and celebrate!

About the author

Brenda is the editor here at OldFashionedLiving and a freelance writer. She lives in Michigan with her husband, Chuck, their three kids and Pumpkin, the cat.


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