Leftover Egg Shell Ideas

Leftover Egg Shell Ideas

by Kim Tilley

Editor of Frugal Moms

What do you do with the leftover egg shells after boiling all of those eggs?

1. Make egg mosaics with the kids- glue broken shells in patterns to make fun pictures.

2. Crush and plant them in your roses- they loved broken egg shells!

3. Compost them (as long as you're just using food coloring on the egg shells, they should be fine in the compost pile).

4. Create egg shell candles- insert a tea light into an egg shell half, or create a candle by pouring in melted candle wax into the egg shell and adding a wick. Very pretty.

5. Chia egg shells: plant chives or grass seed into egg shell half for the "hair", draw face on the egg for a chia egg shell "person".

6. Make egg shell chalk (posted on our Frugal Crafts list):

This chalk is for drawing on sidewalks only, not for chalkboards.

You will need:

The shells of 6 eggs

1 tsp very hot water from the tap

1 tsp flour

Wash the eggshells well, so they don't have any egg left in them. Dry them and grind them with a rock on the sidewalk or other concrete surface. Make sure the rock you're using for grinding is clean so you don't get dirt ground in with the eggshells. Grind the eggshells into a fine powder. You'll need one soupspoonful of this powder to make a stick of chalk.

When you have enough powder to make a stick of chalk, sift or pick out any little bits of eggshell that are still not ground up and throw them away. Scoop the powder into a cup or paper towel and bring it into the house for the next part.

Stir the flour and hot water together in a small dish to make a paste. Put the soupspoonful of eggshell powder into the paste and mix well. It may help to mash it with the back of the spoon. Add a few drops of food coloring if you want colored chalk. Shape this mixture into a chalk stick. Then roll it up in a strip of paper towel and set aside to dry. (Drying takes about three days.) Then just peel the paper off one end and you're ready for some sidewalk art. For really big sticks of chalk, try making 3 times this recipe, and stuff the mixture into an old toilet paper tube. When it's dry, you can peel away the cardboard as you use it.

About the author

Kim Tilley, a tightwad at heart, is the mother of three active boys and the founding editor of Frugal-Moms.com. Frugal by force and later by choice, Kim cut her income by 60% to stay at home with her children and discovered that anyone can live better for less. Her work has appeared in print publications such as The Tightwad Gazette. In her free time, she entertains herself by chasing kids and finding ways to create something from nothing!


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