Herb Covered Easter Eggs

Herb Covered Easter Eggs

By Karen Hegre

They combine the charm of Easter eggs with the spicy fragrance of old-fashioned pomanders.


Styrofoam eggs in any size

White glue

Shallow bowl

Spices: allspice, cinnamon and ground gloves

Orrisroot(a fixative to preserve the scent)

Dried lavender

Bay leaves

Pressed or dried flowers like roses

Cover a Styrofoam egg with the white glue, rubbing it on with your hands. In a shallow bowl, add the spices, mixing them in whatever proportions you like. Add one tablespoon of orrisroot to this mixture.

While the glue is still wet, gently roll the egg in the spice mixture, being careful not to smear the glue. When the egg is well coated with spice, set it aside on a piece of newspaper and let it dry for a day or two.

After eggs are dry.....draw a ring of glue around the center of the egg lengthwise and roll the egg in the lavender.

Glue two or three bay leaves to the side of the egg and add a dried flower in the middle of the leaves.

These look great in one of those wire egg holders....or....in a clear glass jar setting on the kitchen counter!!!

For Easter you can put a container of thyme in a wicker basket and lay the eggs around in the thyme.

Or....fill a small bowl or deep dish plate with rosemary leaves and nestle three of the eggs in that!!!

About the author

Karen is a master gardener and avid crafter. She and her husband have a Backyard Wildlife Habitat, plus 'Fairy Gardens' where the children can learn about different herbs and hear Karen read a story about the Garden Fairies and Flowers. For more information about Karen and her herb discussion lists please visit here.


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