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Crafter's Easter Ideas
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easter basketThe crafters that visit us at Old Fashioned Living are a very creative bunch and they have shared some wonderful ideas for making Easter special!

Basket, Pretzels and Live Grass From Brenda in Indiana

Start a heritage basket to put your candy and Easter toys in. Instead of trying to come up with something each year, find beautifully formed baskets this Spring and make each basket special. Even if it is just painting them but there is so much you can do with them. It's the same idea as using special Christmas stockings each year. The Easter bunny filled the basket each year!

You wouldn't believe the hassle this saved and the money over the years. Our kids also received a stuffed animal (as my daughter got older, it was some kind of Boyd's Bear to add to her collection). My inlaws gave them a basket full of candy, so I only put in a few pieces of their favorite. It wasn't until they no longer received candy from the inlaws that I added more. As my daughter got older and didn't want the candy as much, I'd put in a little piece of jewelry (like pierced earrings). I always put jelly beans under the Easter grass.

We have cats (Easter grass can kill a cat if eaten) so we only put a small amount of Easter grass in the basket and we were careful to put it back in Ziplock bags to reuse the next year. This is also a good time to give the little ones "bunny books" (like Pat the Bunny for babies, I am a Bunny in cardboard for toddlers, etc.). To me, this is more of a religious holiday than even Christmas so I'd try to find appropriate little books, stickers, etc. telling the Truth of the Easter celebrations to my children at this time.

Here's an unusually "munchy kind of appetizer" that was a huge hit at a neighborhood party. Try to find the thick, round pretzels. In my grocery store, they are called beer pretzels for some reason. (Not the huge pretzels!) If you can't find them, just use regular thick pretzels.

Melt a bar of white chocolate dipping chocolate, place the pretzels on cookie sheet or parchment (anything will work) and pour a little of the white chocolate in each pretzel, making sure the white chocolate completely fills in any holes. Let cool. Takes no more than 15 minutes usually. These are delicious and habit forming! It makes a lot for a little bit of money, too. And...everyone at my party thought they were so interesting and elegant, hehehe. Little did they know how easy they were.

A good centerpiece or decoration is to fill a basket, lid from a box, etc. with some potting soil, sprinkle with grass seed (or wheat, alfalfa seeds, anything that sprouds quickly) a few days before Easter. (If using a cardboard lid, it needs to be lined with plastic.) I think they can be made a week ahead of time.

Perhaps someone else knows the best time to "plant". Mist with water. The grass will grow and you can put pretty colored eggs and perhaps a little "bunny" in the grass at Easter. (Let's see, or little birdhouses and birds, mushrooms, etc.)

More Basket Ideas

From Jennifer

The first thing that comes to mind would be going by their hobbies. For example, if one likes matchbox cars, for his "basket" use a case for his cars, even if you just have to set the stuffed animal on top. Maybe some sort of little craft kit in a little box would be a nice addition?

A few other ideas to stick in...

Sidewalk chalk

Fingerpaints, crayons, etc.

Silly Putty, ooze, etc.

A book of science experiments?

Another replacement for baskets:a lunch box-or a backpack

Another idea-use a goldfish bowl as a "basket" and just add gravel, a little castle or something for the bottom, and even a goldfish. Or you could just offer to go buy them one that day. :)

Baskets and Easy Food From Pam

I've always had one of those baskets that has some of the plush bunny on it a different color for each of my three children and put little treats in them and use the plastic eggs for other treats and hide them for the children to find. As for desserts something simple is little cheesecakes in cupcake liners with a fruit topping on them goes over big in my house.As for appetizers the fall back thats simple and always a favorite is the veggie tray with dip and the cheese and cracker with sausage platter.If I can think of others I will post.

The Real Meaning of Easter

From Patty

Here's something to add to your easter celebrations. Bring meaning to all we do.

Jelly Bean Poem/Prayer

Red is for the blood He gave,

Green is for the grass He made,

Yellow is for the sun so bright.

Orange is for the edge of night.

Black is the sins we made.

White is for the grace he gave.

Purple is for his hour of sorrow.

Pink is for a new tomorrow.

A bag full of jelly beans colorful and sweet,

Is a prayer, is a promise, is a special treat.

Sorry, I don't know the originator of the poem. I just had it in my files and use it with my children as a teaching time!

One thing we also do together with our 'baskets' is to bring meaning to everything in them. We sometimes use old, raggedy baskets or even a box to explain that when Jesus came his birthplace was alot like our box or basket. Nothing new, nothing pretty- an old stable. Then we put grass in it to remind us of the manger hay Jesus slept in. We use chocolate animals to signify his birth with animals. We always put in a cross to symbolize Jesus dying on the cross and talk about his life and the wonderful news of life, then His death. But then we have eggs. They bring new life. Just as Jesus death was awful and sad, it brought new life to all who believe. I love the eggs! Sometimes we even add a thing or two- like one year we had a rooster in our basket and the kids remembered the rooster crowing and Peter denying Him. There are many lessons we can learn and teach our children from everyday life. We just need to find them! Hope this shares some ideas with our readers. I like all the new recipes- I hope to try them!

Easter Themes

From Dori

As we have very young children, the Easter bunny brings baskets to the kids for Saturday morning. It gives them a chance to enjoy a basket, and really helps the kids seperate the real religious meaning of Easter from the bunny. Besides, it was always tough as a kid to get a really cool Easter basket then to be told it had to be left at home when it was time to go to Church.

Our baskets follow a "theme". Last year was kid garden gloves and garden tools, a small watering can and packets of seeds. This year will be either "bugs and insects" along with an ant farm and butterfly garden flower seeds or things dealing with astronomy.

Every other year or so, we include a "kite" with the baskets, to symbolize the "cross" (two bars of the kite) and the resurrection of Jesus (as the kite flies up).

We, too use the same baskets each year. Sometimes instead of grass we hide goodies in folded new playclothes. If we've pets in the house, the icecream buckets have the plastic lids for them.


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