A Cornucopia Craft Project

A Cornucopia Craft Project

From Anna Krupnik-Boudreau

Cover work surface with plastic or paper. Set a small bowl upside down on the work surface. make 9 newspaper ropes (see below). Wrap one rope around bowl rim with bowl upside down on the work surface. Cut off any excess length and glue ends together. Glue and tape in place until glue dries.

Glue one end of another paper rope to ring around bowl, leaving other end free. Attach 7 more ropes around ring in the same way, spacing them evenly.

Bring free ends together over bowl. Pull then off center to form a curved horn shape and glue in place. Set aside to dry. When glue is dry, remove bowl.

Make 15 more paper ropes to weave into the cornucopia.

Glue end of a new rope to one of the cross ribs near top of basket. Weave other end of this new rope in and out of ribs.

Attach another rope to end of new rope if it is not long enough to go all the way around. Trim excess rope when a circle is completed. Glue end in place.

Glue another new rope to a cross rib directly under woven circle just completed. Continue this method until you have filled in the open spaces between the ribs.

To make fruit and vegetables, crumple sheets of newspaper into balls and long thin shapes and tape in place. Tape the loose edges to hold the shape.

Cover shapes with 2-3 layers of papier mache. Set in a warm dry place to harden. Paint and shellac all pieces (including basket) as desired.

Newspaper ropes

Cover a work surface with plastic of paper. Lay a full size sheet of newspaper flat and drizzle white glue all over it.

With a scrap piece of cardboard, spread glue to cover the entire sheet.

Lay another full size sheet of newspaper on top of the glue, 1 inch lover than the sheet below it.

Starting from the bottom, roll the 2 sheets together into a tube. The uncovered edge with glue will hold the roll together.

Twist the paper tube into a rope.

These ropes can also be braided together an made into wreaths.

About the Author

Anna Krupnik-Boudreau is a faithful member of our Tea Time Crafters, and shared this craft with us. She was so kind as to let us share them with everyone. Please visit her website.


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