Valentine Candy Crafts

Valentine Candy Crafts


By Rachel Webb

According to the National Confectioners Association, over 25 pounds ofsweets are consumed per person each year. If music and love are consideredpart of an international language, I would have to rank chocolate and candyas another enjoyment that knows no boundaries. With over 35% of all candybeing sold on a holiday, candy crafts and gifts have proved to be a billiondollar industry.

Every Valentines day my mother would have a special gift wrapped for eachchild to show how much she loved us.  Dad would get a heart shapedcheesecake with cherries on top!   Handmade candy gifts are especiallypopular and can be a cost effective craft to create. Here are a few idea'syou can try making for your family.


Choose individually wrapped candies that have twist ties on each end likeTootsie Rolls or Bubble Gum. You will need approximately 3 pounds of candyfor a 6-8 inch wreath.  Foil wrappers are the easiest to work with.  Craftstores have inexpensive gold rings often used to make dream catchers or youcan cut your own wire and use pliers to connect the ends.

Next cut a 2-3 foot strand of curling ribbon. Tie one end of the ribbon tothe end of your wire form. Loop your ribbon over your wire to create a smallhole where you will add the candy wrapper ends. Without pulling the ribbontight, use you other hand to loop your ribbon over the bottom end of thefirst loop to create a tying method that works like a running loop stitch.

Start with one piece of candy wrapper ends put in the loop and pulled tight,then add two at once. Push the pieces tightly against the first candy. Thewax on the curling ribbon will help hold each piece in place so that it isnot necessary to tie a complete knot. The candies will automatically spinaround the wire for a full 3 dimensional look.  Leave a 2 inch gap of wireshowing.

After the candy is tied on add a big ribbon to cover up the metal hookclosure or 2 inch gap.  This may seem time consuming but I have made over 30myself and after awhile you can complete a 5" wreath in about 20 minutes! Besure and keep your wreath out of the heat. Candy pieces can be taken offcarefully leaving the papers on the wreath to keep it looking nice even whenthe candy is being eaten.

For Valentines use individually wrapped cinnamon bears, red gumballs inclear wrap or tootsie rolls are very cute when you add a red, brown andwhite plaid ribbon to the top. Tie in gift certificates rolled up or useminiature samples of body lotion on ribbons to hang in the center of thewreath.


For a sweet decoration that is edible, make a candy centerpiece! If yourwreath will be used to adorn a pillar candle choose a wreath form that willallow the candle to be placed in the center allowing about 1 inch leeway forcandy and other embellishments that will be placed in the inside circle ofthe wreath. If you choose to use a wire form wreath you can follow thedirections above and for a wire wreath or try this alternative. Use aStyrofoam wreath by grouping 2-3 candies together and secure with a 2"florist pick. The pick will have an attached wire so it is easy to make manyof these candy picks quickly. Insert each pick into the styrofoam form.  Fora fun child's valentine surprise make the candy wreath using individuallywrapped bubblegum pieces, bright ribbons and attach semi-inflated balloon'sto the floral picks before adding them to the wreath.


Grocery stores everywhere often sell mugs displaying floral arrangements.Make our own arrangement with candy instead for a unique gift. Fill your mug3/4 of the way to the top with a piece of floral foam or styrofoam. Purchasestrawberry bon-bons or other candy that looks like a flower bud. Group yourcandy with several silk leaves and attach it to a long floral pick or wirebefore filling your mug!

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