Herbal and Floral Craft Projects

Herbal and Floral Craft Projects
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A favorite housewarming gifts is a simple sheaf of twisted wheat tied with a braid of raffia. Wheat has long been the symbol of abundance and having a sheaf of wheat in your home meant that you would never go hungry.
Wheat has become a favorite plant for many floral designers and can be used in a variety of ways. "Planted" with dried roses it makes a simple but elegant arrangement. In stores and through the mail order catalogs, these wheat arrangements are very expensive. Yet they are not difficult to make. Even if you don't grow wheat, you can buy dried bundles of wheat inexpensively.

You'll Need:

ten inch clay pot


About 50 stalks of wheat

24 dried roses with stems and some leaves

Spanish or green sheet moss.

9The Spanish moss placed loosely gives it a fuller look at the bottom)


Cut the Styrofoam to fit into the bottom of the clay pot snugly and stick the wheat stalks into the center of the Styrofoam so that the stems stand about sixteen to 18 inches above the pot rim. Arrange the wheat evenly but in an open, airy fashion. After the wheat has been arranged in the center, place the dried roses around the wheat...place them randomly, toward the center. Then all you do is cover the top with the moss.

Another way of using wheat is to just place the 50 stalks of wheat in a terracotta vase or solid colored vase and tying a raffia bow around it. I have seen many arrangements of wheat in the finer furniture display stores around here. They look lovely setting in a corner or on a side table!

Rosebud Necklaces

I make rosebud 'necklaces' and garlands from my dried roses, or you can buy bags of dried rosebuds at most craft stores. All I do is string the rosebuds on fishing line with a thin needle. I hang the 'necklaces' on chair back or door knobs, and the garlands I use for the tree, or ....drape them in amongst the ivy vines in our sunroom! You could also vine them through wreaths, etc. I get more compliments on these! And it is so easy to do!

Tussie Mussies

You will need:

Dried flowers and herbs

Floral Tape

Paper doily with an x cut out of the center.....or a tussie mussie holder

Rubber Band



Paper, pen, gold thread (symbolizing love), and a pin.

Try to keep the tussie mussie simple. Place the flower or herb representing the most important message in the center, and surround it with your other herbs or flowers, working in threes to give it symmetry. Because of the delicate nature of the dried materials, you may find it easier to make many (15 or so) bunches of flowers and herbs, each wrapped with floral tape, which can then be combined into a larger tussie mussie.

Make an encircling frame with fragrant leaves or ferns. I usually work holding the flowers in my nondominant hand, while adding and rearranging with my dominant hand. Some people prefer using a glass as a holder while they work. When complete, secure the stems with a rubber band, and slip the bouquet into your paper doily or tussie mussie holder. Wrap the stems with floral tape and then ribbon. You may also addax small bow. Using a pin and gold thread, attach the card, with the message and meanings.

Tip: If the dried materials should ever droop, just hand the whole thing upside down to re-dry.

Floral and Herbal Waters

I make rose and lavender waters , pour them into heart shaped bottles(any pretty bottle), decorate the bottle and sell them in my shop! These would make excellent gifts. They have many uses...less heavily scented than colognes, they can be used as splashes or toilet waters for a refreshing pick-me-up or as perfumed additions to baths. I use them to perfume the house. Left uncovered in pretty glass bottles, they subtly scent a bathroom or dressing area. You can use them in finger bowls at the table, or boiled in a saucepan for a few minutes, they can beautifully perfume several connecting rooms of your home.

When mixing the recipes, measure out the distilled water, then pour into a mixing bottle. Add the vodka, (rubbing alcohol will not work). Mix in the herbs(or flowers) so that they are thoroughly wet. Let the mixture stand in a covered bottle in a cool, dark place for one week to allow the scent to age. You can leave the peals or herbs in the mixture for a pretty visual effect.....however, some petals don't fare as well as others...so if that's the case, just strain them out.

You can use this recipe for making any herb-scented water you prefer. I made it using dried chamomile flowers, and the result was marvelous.

You will need:

3 cups distilled water

1/4 cup vodka

1 ounce dried chamomile flowers

Follow the directions above.

Lavender Water is not only a delicious bath additive, it's also a terrific way to pick up your spirits on a warm day....just dip a handkerchief into a batch that you've kept cooling in the refrigerator and pat some onto your face and neck as the Victorians used to do.

You will need:

2 cups distilled water

1/4 cup vodka

8 drops lavender fragrance or essential oil(I use the essential oil)

Follow the directions above.

Rose Water In ancient times, rose water was sprinkled onto visitors as they entered the house. While I wouldn't advise doing this for your guests, you might consider putting rose water into finger bowls the next time you give a dinner party.....or, do as I do....uncap it and let it sweetly fragrance the bathroom, or guest room.

You will need:

2 cups distilled water

1/4 cup vodka

10 drops rose oil

1/2 cup fresh deep-red rose petals

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