Making Gifts with Herbs

Making Gifts with Herbs
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Making Gifts with HerbsNot only are herbs delicious, but they are wonderful for making beautiful scented gifts. I have gathered some easy herb crafts that can be given for hostess gifts, birthday presents or used as decorations in your own home. These would also be wonderful accents for a summer wedding or bridal shower.

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An Herb Ball

This is also a traditional herb craft which is easy, and beautiful any time of year.

You will need:

a small piece of thick wire

a Floral foam ball, 3" or bigger if desired

Selection of herbs

Satin or other ribbon, 1/2 inch wide

For a longer lasting herb ball these herbs seem to work best:




seed heads of dill, fennel or caraway

If you do not have these in your garden, visit a good produce section or farmers market and you may find what you need.

Bend the thick wire in half to make a staple and push it into the foam ball. Hang the ball on a piece of string while you work. Cut the stems of the herbs to almost equal pieces; perfect lengths would look odd, so keep them slightly different. Insert each herb stem into the foam ball, making sure to mix the herbs as you place them around the ball. Make sure you position the seed heads of the dill, fennel or caraway more or less evenly around the ball.

Remove the string and attach the ribbon; tie a bow on top. I would suggest making this the day before giving and do not wrap until the last minute. Be sure to place gently in a gift bag, cushioned with tissue paper.

Herb and Spice Posy

This is both decorative and practical, as the herbs and spices can be used for cooking. These should be kept small to medium in size so they can be used before the dust collects. If you wish, they may also be used strictly for decoration in the kitchen.

You will need:


Whole ginger

red and green chilies

Herbs: bay, rosemary, sage or thyme

Thin, but stiff wire

wire cutters

florists silver wire


Set your items in front of you to take notice of the contrasting colors and textures. For each bundle you would need 2 of each chili, a piece of fresh ginger, 2 or 3 heads of garlic, and several stems of each herb. Push a piece of wire, about 8 inches long,into the ginger and folder the end like a hook to keep the ginger attached, do the same with the chilies, but use two or three to each wire. The garlic heads can also be hooked in this manner.

Begin to arrange the bunch in one hand. Gather together two or three stems of one herb, then add the others. Push the wires in among the herbs stems to conceal. Bind all the stems and wired with the florist wire, at the top. Tie raffia to the top of the bunch so it hangs among the herbs. You can also make a bow if you wish.


Herb Wreaths

Country herb wreaths are beautiful, and are easy and inexpensive to make. You can use many of the materials we have already listed for the other projects. You can also mix in other plant leaves such as dusty miller or salvia. The herbs you can use are endless.

You will need:

wire coat hanger

green floral tape

spool floral wire

Herbs such as:







fever-few flowers

Bend hanger into a heart or circle shape; wrap with green tape, starting at the base of the hook. Gather Herb stems into small bunches. Attach each bundle to frame with your spool wire, overlapping the next bunch, so the stems are hidden. Work down each side of the frame. Be sure to mix colors and textures. When you are finished, exam for any skimpy spots. As the herbs dry they will become a bit smaller, so you want the wreath very full. You may also add extras if you wish, such as small roses, which will dry nicely,the silver dusty miller or a raffia bow. 



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