Improbable Headlines Part II

Improbable Headlines Part II

Improbable Headlines Part II

by Tamera Bastiaans

1. Youngster Vanishes in Freak Storm! (The Wizard of Oz)

2. Clever Builder Outwits Sly Adversary (The Three Little Pigs)

3. Poor Bargain Brings Ultimate Wealth (Jack and the Beanstalk)

4. Hoodlum Osculates Unwilling Maiden (Georgie, Porgie)

5. Friends Eager to Assist in Painting Project (Tom Sawyer)

6. Girl Disappears on Mercy Visit to Grandparent (Red Ridinghood)

7. Bronco Buster Rides Twister! (Pecos Bill)

8. Remote Country Home Vandalized by Blonde! (Goldielocks and the Three Bears)

9. Continued Prevarication Elongates Probiscus (Pinocchio)

10. Friendless Waif Adopted by Group of Miners! (Snow White)

11. Toddler Kills Bear, Gains Royal Title (Davy Crockett)

12. Enormous Woodsman Performs Astonishing Feats! (Paul Bunyan)

13. Browbeaten Girl Courted by Royal Heir (Cinderella)

14. Serious Overcrowding Discovered in Unique Dwelling (Old Woman in the Shoe)

15. Couple Suffering Dietary Allergies Reach Agreement (Jack Sprat)

16. Two Youngsters Involved in Accident, One Sustains Injury (Jack and Jill)

17. Foolish Youth Encounters Pastry Vendor (Simple Simon Met a Pie Man)

18. Musical Feline, Amused Canine Witness Lunar Leap (Hey Diddle, Diddle)

19. Rural Homemaker Terrorized by Sightless Rodents (Three Blind Mice)

20. Lovely Somnambulist Wakened by Royal Caress (Sleeping Beauty)

21. Lengthy Tresses Aid Lovers (Rappunzel)

22. Verbose Hare Hoodwinked by Asphalt Contrivance (Brar Rabbit and Tar Baby)

23. Shepherdess Proves Derelict in Duty (Little Bo Peep)

24. Fugitive Pair Flees on Raft (Huckleberry Finn)

25. Elderly Housewife and Canine Pet Face Starvation (Old Mother Hubbard)

26. One-handed Pirate Bested by Eternal Youth (Peter Pan)

27. Parents Stike Raw Deal with Rapacious Spinner (Rumplestilskin)

28. Bewildered Minor Attends Bizarre Tea Party (Alice in Wonderland)

29. Woman Expires in Oven As Adolescents Flee Sweet Abode (Hansel and Gretel)

30. Terrified Maiden Absconds in Face of Aracnid (Little Miss Muffet)

News story Example:

Unique Individual Mortally Injured in Fall!

By Foster Farms

Eggville Press Staff Writer

Eggville - Saturday afternoon tragedy struck the small community of Eggville. Long-time resident, Humpty Dumpty (78) was killed when he fell to his death.

Dumpty sat on the eighteen foot wall every Saturday to observe his grandson's soccer games. Bystanders say that Mr. Dumpty was a well-known

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