To Grandma and Grandpa's House We Go

To Grandma and Grandpa's House We Go

Fun & Memorable Activities to Share

By Deborah Shelton

If you're planning on dropping the kids off at Grandma And Grandpa's house for the weekend, leave the video Games at home. Pack this list in their suitcase instead!

Family Interviews. No one knows more about your family than grandparents. Use a tape recorder or just a pencil and paper to record details of what life was like when your grandparents were growing up. What was school like? What clothes did they wear? What was their favorite music?

Life Guessing. This is a perfect activity for long walks in the park, or just sitting on a bench and day dreaming. Make up stories about the people you see during your day together. Notice their clothes and how fast or slow they walk. What does the person do for a living? Where are they going? What story would someone else imagine about you?

Bread Art. Turn your breakfast into a work of art! Mix a few drops of food coloring into a cup of milk, then use a new paintbrush to "paint" a piece of white bread. Toast the bread for edible art!

Balloon Tennis. This is a fun and no-impact sport. Glue a wooden paint stir stick to a paper plate (your racket) and blow up a balloon (the ball). Tennis anyone?

"People Who Love Me List." Show your grandchildren just how special they are by making a list of people who love them. Laminate the list or decorate it, and hang it on the refrigerator for the world to see.

About the Author:

Deborah Shelton is a homeschooling mom And the author of The Five Minute Parent: Fun & Fast Activities for You and Your Little Ones. Visit The Five Minute Parent for fun rainy-day activities, Family links, and a free email newsletter filled with Craft ideas, guest articles, contests and so much more!


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