Grandmere: A Book Review

Grandmere: A Book Review

By Brenda Hyde


A Personal History of Eleanor Roosevelt

David B. Roosevelt with Manuela Dunn-Mascetti

Published by Warner Books, Incorporated

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To women around the world Eleanor Roosevelt was, and still is, an inspiration. I too have always admired all that she acomplished, and thought she brought new meaning to the role of First Lady. However, until I read Grandmere by David B. Roosevelt, her grandson, I didn't appreciate how much of an inspiration she really was. Biographies can often be tedious, or they border on tabloid journalism, but Grandmere is an elegant, often humorous and touching portrait of a great lady.

There are many elements that drew me to this book. First, was my wanting to learn more of Eleanor Roosevelt and her accomplishments. Second was my desire to understand what made her the great lady that she was and lastly, I loved the historical information in the book. Throughout we are given glimpses of times now past. We learn of family traditions, rules of society and the differences in families then, and families of today. The photographs in Grandmere also tell a wonderful story in themselves, as we see Eleanor grow and mature. I read through the book as I would an epic novel, with the twists and turns of her life making it a captivating and thoughtful plot.

Grandmere is a book to loan out, to pass along to female friends and women in your famiy. It will open up endless discussions on everything from changing relationships to women in politics. It's also an inspiring tale of a woman who doesn't come into her own until she sees her inner beauty and talents and acts upon them.

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