I'm A Grandma!

I'm A Grandma!

By Moreah Vestan

I'm a Grandma, a wise older woman with my own way of doing things. My granddaughter and I are lucky to have each other--I wish I had a grandma myself right now. You get by with more and have more fun with grandma. I know this is true about lots of grandpas too. I hope I did lots of these things when I was just a Mom. But even if I didn't have the time or think of it then, I do now and I am glad. Grandmas aren't afraid to ask for a cookie at the grocery store, even for themselves. They make the best chocolate chip cookies and lemonade.

Grandmas always have enough room in their bag for crackers, for apples and cheese, for water or juice. They know that hot dogs and hamburgers are better than almost anything else when you're eating out.

Grandmas know where the fun parks and beaches are. They don't care if you spill or get dirty. They never get mad, unless they get scared if you run off and don't tell them where you're going.

Grandmas can spend three hours at a playground without getting crabby. They know it's more fun to push you very high on swings.

Grandmas usually have time to read a story or listen to yours. They like you to call even if you don't have anything special to say.

Grandmas buy you presents on trips, even when it's not your birthday. They take you to pumpkin patches and Christmas tree farms.

Grandmas help make Easter eggs, and let you keep all the Easter candy. They don't make you take naps when you're having fun.

Grandmas keep the rocks and driftwood you found together by their windows. They know the good places to look and to hide when you play hide and seek.

Grandmas take you to Velveteen Rabbit at Children's Theater and to bookstores. They take you to parades and talk to the clowns so you're not scared of them.

Grandmas always have peanut butter and jelly and soft bread even when you don't eat your vegetables. They don't say "Let me do that" when you sweep the floor or wipe the table. Grandmas are always ready to bake cookies and they let you lick the bowl, unless they get to it first. They can talk you into being quiet for 20 min. in the bathroom while they have a hot bath. Then they are ready to play again.

Grandmas sing "Eentsy weentsy spider" and "B-i-n-g-o" and "Old MacDonald" and listen to your new songs from day care all the way through. They keep a Grandma book of all the fun things you've said and done.

Grandmas dress for comfort. They say "It's high time I can wear what I feel like." They sometimes look fat in swimsuits, but who cares? They go to the wading pool, and even go in if you want them to.

Grandmas aren't afraid to say, "No, I don't want to." They eat at Senior Centers so they don't have to cook and they can laugh with friends.

Grandmas point out flowers and fountains in yards, and say "It's ok" when you shout, "There's a bee!" They'll let you pet every dog that goes by if the owner says it's okay.

Grandmas seem to have fun playing checkers, cards or computer games--they don't say "Later" or "Pick up your toys first." They shout in the echo tube at the Science Center and aren't embarrassed.

Grandmas wear aprons and give you one to wear when you make pancakes. They wear Winnie the Pooh shirts and floppy hats and sometimes shawls.

Grandmas play kazoo and blow bubbles and share play dough with you. They don't pull you away when you play with pay telephones.

Grandmas ask you not to run so fast in the children's museum so they can keep up with you. They encourage you to come down the slide on your belly and back and side to show how brave you are.

Grandmas let you pull the cord for the bus stop and don't say "Hurry up!" They don't scold you when you don't come from the beach right away.

Grandmas make monkey noises at the zoo and stay as long as you want by the hippopotamus. They tie your braids around the pole in the bus when you ask them to.

Grandmas don't get cranky when you're afraid of firecrackers and loud noises. They don't make you feel ashamed when you won't go near the costumed character in the Kiddie Parade.

Grandmas get excited by plums and apples and pears they pick from the ground. They are happy to eat and drink from your play dishes and ask for more if it's really good.

Grandmas understand when you put your bunny in the corner because he's been bad. They giggle at the box that you press that says "Excuse me! Excuse me. Let me out of here!"

Grandmas ask you to go get a Satsuma ("a baby orange") and they just grin when you ask "Where are the mamas?" They let you put them to bed in the playhouse and sing them to sleep. Grandmas like to tape record you singing and talking and you can listen to it later for fun. They can talk you into being quiet for 20 min. in the bathroom while they have a hot bath. Then they are ready to play again.

Grandmas love you just because you show up! They love you just like Christopher Robin loves Pooh. I wish I had a Grandma!!

About the Author

Moreah is a speaker, writer and coach. She has an M.A. in Adult Education, has been a relationship columnist for 9 years, she is also the listserve manager for Puget Sound Coaching Association. Moreah has been a Personal and Professional Coach since 1998 and is a member of International Coaching Federation. For more information on Moreah please visit her site Business Heart Coach.com.


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