Modeling Grace as a Mother

Modeling Grace as a Mother


By Anne Elliot

Mothers have an incredible role in determining the future of the country. No, not in voting for education or against gun control, though those things are important. The immense power that mothers have is in forming the lives of the future generations.

Our children learn what love is from us, who God is, ethics and social behavior, and patience in their closest relationships, from their mothers. It was recently in the news that we are the PR department for our husbands; how we interpret their father's actions is the point of view our children accept. No doubt this is true of their siblings and teachers and community leaders as well.

Life is stressful, and it is in the fallen nature of humans to hurt each other. Our co-workers are not always respectful, our children don't always get along, our husbands aren't as thoughtful as we would like, or perhaps there are examples in all of these where people are actually malicious and mean. But remembering that our attitudes toward events and people is a powerful ingredient in forming our children's lives can give us grace not to take the worst interpretation of these things. Remember that, no doubt, your children's adult lives will be filled with these same types of occurrences. You have the power now to give them the attitudes of grace that will enable them to handle these situations successfully.

Sometimes just considering that the next generation of husbands, co- workers, and yes, children, will have the same human nature as this generation is enough for us to adjust our point of view. It's not as personal as we might like to feel it is. Modeling for our children `the serenity to accept the things we cannot change,' is a powerful example of living victoriously.

About the Author

Ann Elliott is the author and illustrator of the Christian children's book series GypsyBridge Friends, and the Christian parenting newsletter GypsyBridge News. For fun children's activities, animation, songs, educational books, and parenting articles go to


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