Natural Pest Repellents

Natural Pest Repellents

By Kimberly Teed

It's time to start planning your garden -- in your plans, include a few plants that naturally repel your peskiest pests ... Some common landscape pests and the plants that will serve as natural repellents:

ants ... mint, tansy, pennyroyal

aphids ... mint, garlic, chives, coriander, anise

bean leaf beetle ... potato, onion, turnip

codling moth ... common oleander

Colorado potato bug ... green beans, coriander, nasturtium

cucumber beetle ... radish, tansy

flea beetle ... garlic, onion, mint

cabbage worm ... mint, sage, rosemary, hyssop

Japanese beetle ... garlic, larkspur, tansy, rue, geranium

leaf hopper ... geranium, petunia

Mexican bean beetle ... potato, onion, garlic, radish, petunia

mice ... onion

root knot nematodes ... French marigold

slugs ... prostrate rosemary, wormwood

spider mites ... onion, garlic, cloves, chives

squash bug ... radish, marigolds, tansy, nasturtium

stink bug ... radish

thrips .. marigolds

tomato hornworm ... marigolds, sage, borage

whitefly ... marigolds, nasturtium

I've always planted marigolds around the entire perimeter of my vegetable gardens ... keeps the bunnies from becoming pesky pests ;)

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