Cleaning Table Top Fountains

Cleaning Table Top Fountains
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How can you maintain and clean a table top fountain?
Using distilled water is the first step-it will slowly evaporate, so each day just add a little bit to the fountain. Don't use tap water, spring water or jugs labeled drinking water. All of these have minerals in them and you'll most likely develop a build-up.

You'll need to clean your fountain every 2-3 months, especially if you aren't "treating it" with something like Protec or Fountec, If you have pets these probably won't be an option, unless you can be sure it's where your pet won't have access to it. You'll only need a drop of a solution like Fountec each week, so it lasts a long, long time. But, it kills any plant life, such as algae, in the fountain. You can make a nice display with your fountain and surround it with plants if you wish and still use the solution.

Don't use household bleach in your fountain. It can be used to clean the fountain, but don't add it to the water when it's running. To clean, take apart the fountain carefully, and wearing gloves, wash it in a mild bleach/water solution. Rinse, and dry, then put it back together. To remove hard water stains, try using vinegar on the stains with a scrubbing sponge to remove the stains.

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