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Old Fashioned Family Traditions: How do you get Rid of Stinkweed?

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    Rush'd Lady

    Question How do you get Rid of Stinkweed?

    I have a Paradise Tree in my yard which is huge and a tree cutting service said that they wouldn't cut it down for less than $1000 which I can't afford. The problem is -- it's really invasive and sends shoots everywhere which I have to keep cutting down. I've become allergic to the smell, so have to have my son cut it out for me. Know any kind of brush killer that would get rid of my problem? Boiling water doesn't kill this!

    Whom ever let this grow in the first place ought to have their head examined! (Not me, I bought this place with it already growing and I found out real quick how much trouble it was!)

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    Rush'd Lady
    Am I stuck with another year of cutting this out again? It's so tiresome and I would dearly love some advice on getting rid of this obnoxious WEED!

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    I'm not exactly sure what this plant is so I'm not a lot of help. If you can safely do so you might try burning it.

    Thousands of years ago cats were worships as Gods. Cats have not forgotten this.

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    Rush'd Lady
    Our town has a no burn policy so . . . I need something that would kill the roots. I've also have a poison ivy problem, so have used Ortho and it doesn't even faze the underground part of it. I've tried sawing down at the ground, but little shoots come up off the tree stumps.

    I'll tell you what it smells like when you cut it -- just like someone passing wind! It has a leaf stalk that looks something similiar to black walnut. And it makes trees, everywhere! Especially along my fence rows where it's hard to cut down!

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