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Old Fashioned Family Traditions: Heritage Jar Questions

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    Heritage Jar Questions

    Who do you look like? Describe your first car.

    What is your greatest joy? What is your favorite color?

    What is your greatest sorrow? Where did you live as a child?

    How do you evangelize others? How did you meet your in-laws?

    What kind of music do you like? Describe the perfect autumn day.

    Describe a childhood Christmas. Describe the perfect winters day.

    Describe the home you live in now. Describe the perfect summers day.

    What is God teaching you right now? What is your favorite hymn or song?

    Tell about any pets you had as a child. Describe a sound from your childhood.

    What is your child rearing philosophy? What is your favorite flower, perfume?

    What goals do you have for yourself? How did your mother spend her time?

    What is your most favorite time of day? What kind of things do you collect now?

    Draw a diagram of your yard as a child. What goals do you have for your family?

    Do you have a favorite brother or sister? Did you have a bicycle? What was it like?

    Describe your wedding day and reception. What was your grandfathers occupation?

    What was your most memorable concert? Describe a memorable childhood birthday.

    Tell about all the places you have worked. Describe a night at your Grandma’s house.

    How do you feel about winning and loosing? Tell about your relationship with your father.

    Describe your wedding planning, any stories? What would you like to be remembered for?

    What was your most embarrassing moment? What is your favorite sport, leisure activity?

    Share a principle you have learned or taught. What did you want to be when you grew up?

    Who is your favorite movie actor? Actress? Did you and your father share any interests?

    What are your spiritual strengths? How would you like to grow spiritually?

    What do you love best about your husband? Share a favorite poem, passage or Scripture.

    What has been the happiest time of your life? What is your favorite Christmas carol? Why?

    What is one word on how to live successfully? How has your faith grown in the last few years?

    Who is your favorite musician or music group?

    What would you still like to learn to do? Why?

    Any advice for others on choice of occupation?

    Describe a typical day in your junior high years.

    What is your advice to those younger than you?

    What special things did you do with your father?

    Where did your parents go on their honeymoon?

    What special things did you do with your father?

    Describe a typical rainy day from your childhood.

    What special things did you do with your mother?

    Describe a typical day from your childhood years.

    How often do you study scripture? Where? How?

    Tell about your neighbors/neighborhood as a child.

    Tell all about your grandchildren, names, ages, etc.

    What are some of your favorite hobbies right now?

    What is the worst thing that ever happened to you?

    What is the first piece of furniture you ever bought?

    What is your favorite food, dessert, type of food?

    Tell about a favorite vacation from your childhood.

    Have you been active in the operation of a church?

    Describe a favorite vacation in your married years.

    What is your most vivid memory of being pregnant?

    Who has been a mentor to you in your work or life?

    Tell about a special date you had with your husband.

    Describe your first paying job. What was the salary?

    What was your favorite Saturday activity as a child?

    Tell a courtship story of your own, how you met, etc.

    Tell about your wedding shower(s) and bridal parties.

    Do you wish you had more brothers or sisters? Why?

    What lessons did you take as a child? Piano? Dance?

    If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?

    Did you go to Sunday school? What did you do there?

    What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

    What are some of your favorite smells, least favorite?

    Describe your first home or apartment as a newly wed.

    Describe your yard as a child. Did you help work in it?

    Do you recall outstanding trips or holidays as a child?

    Describe what special things you did with your mother?

    What is the most wonderful thing that happened to you?

    Tell about any special experiences in scouting, 4-H etc.

    What do you want to do or accomplish in your lifetime?

    What do you hope for your children and grandchildren?

    Tell about one of your dearest friends, how you met, etc.

    Describe your wedding dress, bridesmaids, tuxedos, etc.

    What special things did you do with your grandparents?

    Share a family tradition or memory from Fourth of July.

    What is your favorite holiday? How do you celebrate it?

    Did you attend family reunions? Share a memory of one.

    Tell about schools situations and achievements you had.

    Tell about faith promoting events in your home or family.

    Where did your parents live when they first got married?

    Did you go to college or have special vocational training?

    What is your principle occupation and what led you to it?

    What instruments do you play? Or wish that you played?

    What games did you play in your house or neighborhood?

    Did you regularly attend weekly church services? Where?

    Where was the “hangout “in junior and senior high school?

    Did you participate in any summer camps or mission trips?

    What personality trait about yourself do you admire most?

    What is your most poignant memory about your childhood?

    If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

    What sports did or do you enjoy watching or participating in?

    Tell about any special trips you took with your grandparents.

    Tell about your favorite uncle. Tell about your favorite Aunt.

    Tell about any political or civil activities you are involved in?

    Tell about any interesting or important visitors to your home.

    What things do you enjoy today that you enjoyed as a child?

    What are your most precious and deeply embedded values?

    Describe how your family acquired their Christmas tree(s).

    When did you put up your Christmas tree and take it down?

    Tell a courtship story about your parents, how they met etc.

    What is the most adventuresome thing you have ever done?

    How did your mother and father wake you up in the morning?

    What kind of extracurricular activities were you in at school?

    Describe family traditions you remember from your childhood

    When did you become a Christian? How did your life change?

    What were your father’s best traits? Worst? Ones you share?

    Where did your grandparents live? What was there home like?

    Who is your favorite Author? Tell about your favorite 5 books.

    If you could change one thing about your self, what would it be?

    Between five and ten years old what was your favorite activity?

    What toys did you like to play with? Why those particular toys?

    Do you currently attend worship services a minimum of weekly?

    What would be the most wonderful gift you could receive? Why?

    If you could redo an event in your life what would it be and how?

    Describe the Christmas that has been the most meaninful to you.

    What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

    What religion did you and your family practice in your childhood?

    How did you like being the only, oldest, youngest or middle child?

    Tell about any church leaders that were important to you and why.

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    If you could be a tree what kind of tree would you be, or flower?

    How old were your parents when they met? When they married?

    List each of your Aunts and Uncles and tell one thing about them.

    Tell about your teenage years, friends, outings, movies, dating, etc.

    Are their any family heirlooms in your possession? What are they?

    Tell about someone, or a book, who influenced your life profoundly.

    Where did you go for your honeymoon? Share a humerous incident.

    Are you active in any religious ministries/organizations? If so what?

    Tell family stories about your Dad. What was his role in your home?

    Describe a typical elementary school day when you were growing up.

    Where are some of the most interesting places you have traveled to?

    Tell about any serious illnesses, surgery or accident(s) you have had.

    Do you belong to Cursillo, Emmaeus? Any other Church movements?

    Were their any events national, global or local that changed your life?

    When was your first kiss with your spouse, describe the circumstances.

    Tell about a specific time when God answered a specific prayer for you.

    What was your favorite childhood movie? What is favorite adult movie?

    What were your mother’s best traits? Worst? Traits you share with her?

    Do you remember any of your grandparents? Names? List memories…

    Tell about a special thing your family did on weekends when growing up.

    Were you baptised or dedicated as an infant? If so, were and by whom?

    Are your children active in regular attendance in faith related activities?

    If you had to live your life over again, what would you do change? Why?

    Where were you during the 7-11 Terrorist Attacks? Recall your feelings.

    Any spiritual heights at various ages in your life you would like ot share?

    Explain your parent’s philosophy about raising kids, discipline and rules?

    Share an insight from the Scripture that has guided your spiritual journey.

    What are some traditions from your childhood for which you are thankful?

    Share a family recipe or a recipe from one of your favorite childhood dishes.

    Describe walking down Main Street in your hometown when you were young.

    Would you choose another occupation if you had had the opportunity? Why?

    What do you feel is the most important world event in your lifetime and why?

    What was your favorite subject in grade school, junior high, and high school?

    When did you know you wanted to marry him? What made you feel that way?

    What are some of the physical handed down traits you have from your family?

    Tell about your philosophy for handling money, how do you actually spend it?

    What were your fears, expectations, and anticipations about getting married?

    How did you become engaged, share the proposal. How old were you was he?

    What did you do as a child that got you in the most trouble with your parents?

    How many brothers and sisters do you have? Tell a story about each with you.

    Do you attend the same religious denomination now as when you were a child?

    What church did you go to growing up? What is your earliest spiritual memory?

    Do you recall any special feelings you had as a child regarding fears, fantasies?

    Have you worked with or met any famous people? Any kin famous or infamous?

    What Christmas treasures have you kept from year to year? Share their origins.

    What was your first house or apartment together like? Describe it; where was it?

    Tell about your father, his personality, characteristics, talents, and temperament?

    Where were you and what were you doing when the first man landed on the moon?

    What mischievous childhood experience do you remember? How did it affect you?

    Tell about your life as the children left home. What did you do with your new time?

    Tell how, when, where and with who you learned to drive and any special memories.

    Thinking back was there a particular teacher or class that had an influence on you?

    What is the most important advise you have received and want to pass on to others?

    Tell about any conditions surrounding your birth, how you got your name, nickname…

    Describe the house you lived in as a child. Do you know address and phone number?

    Do you remember any special events that took place in your neighborhood as a child?

    Tell about your own family traditions, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving Halloween etc.

    Tell about each Childs birth. Dates, circumstances around their births, characteristics...

    What Bible verse or scripture puzzles you the most? Which blesses you the most? Why?

    What do you remember about shopping with your mother? What was your favorite store?

    Tell about your mother, characteristics, talents, temperment, family stories, and her role.

    What were your family finances like when you were growing up? How did that affect you?

    When did you move away from home? Describe where you lived and how you felt about it.

    What was your favorite clothing from your childhood? What crazy fads do you remember?

    Did you have a collection when you were growing up? What initially sparked your interest?

    What were your youthful goals and ambitions for life? Which ones were you able to fullfill?

    Tell about changes you have seen in your life time, society, technology, fashions, and morals?

    Do you have any dreams or desires that you would like to do some day ie. sky diving, canning...?

    Did you ever go camping with your family? Where? Record one exceptional camping experience.

    Did your relatives come to visit or did you go visit them? What are your memories of those visits?

    As a young person did you volunteer for work in cuurch, community, or social services? Tell about it.

    Who was your best friend after you were married? Describe some of the fun things you did together.

    Did you ever go on a hayride or bob for apples? Tell about fun harvest activities you enjoyed with others.

    What kind of prayer did you say before you went to sleep? Who taught you to pray it? What do pray now?

    How old were you when you understood that God loves you? Recall your early thoughts about God.

    What did your father do for a living? Who did he work with? Time he left & returned? Describe him in his work clothes.

    Tell about ancestors you know about, names, dates, history etc. Do you know where any family members are burried?

    Do you remember one of the first meals you fixed after you were married? How has your cooking changed since then?

    When did you learn to ride a bike, or to water ski, snow ski, roller skate or sail? Share memories of that experience.

    What chores did you have when you were growing up? Which did you like least? Did you get an allowance? How much was it?

    Any home remedies that really work? Tell about home cures for toothaches, earaches, childbirth, and headaches?

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    Thanks for all this...I do hope you did a copy and paste and didn't have to type all this in...what work this would be...
    "Busy monster eats dark holes in the spirit world
    Where wild things have to go To disappear Forever"
    Bruce ****burn

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    Thanks, Sprite for going to the trouble! I printed them and hope to make some as gifts throughout the year. It would make a good birthday present as well.

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    thanks again, sprite

    i just printed them and think i will give one to both my mom and my MIL!!! thanks so mom especially loves to write, so this is perfect.

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    Thank you so much for these questions, Sprite!!

    God bless you!

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    Heritage Jar Questions

    Thank you Sprite! I found them and have showed them to my neighbor and in-laws! Everyone thinks it is a great idea!

    God Bless


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    Mom: Share Your Life with Me . . .
    A Memory-A-Day Series for Special Folks.
    Written by Kathleen Lashier.
    Linkage, PO Box 821, Marshalltown, IA 50158.

    Also available:
    Dad, Share Your Life With Me.

    January 1
    What was your day and date of birth?

    December 31
    What special memories do you have of New Year's Eve or New Year's Day?

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