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Old Fashioned Family Traditions: What is Clear Jel?

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    Question What is Clear Jel?

    Does any one know what is Clear Jel and where I can get it?I am doing a blueberry Pie filling (to be canned).

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    I see you are in Oregon.You can get it in Portland ,Oregon at the Decorette shop, but is more expensive than mail order. I order mine online at . They seem to have the lowest prices and also have great service. You can also get it at Cenex in some places. If you have one, try calling them and asking. It is hard to find in stores. Some Amish places sell it,too.
    It is a modified food starch, actually a cornstarch, that is used in the commercial industry for thickening foods. It doesn't break down in cooking or canning like regular cornstarch. It makes lovely pie fillings. I used some last year. Just be sure to get regular Clear Jell and not instant for canning. The instant is good for instant pudding mixes.
    The Clear Jell can also be used in gravy to be frozen or makes easy freezer jams,too.

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