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Old Fashioned Family Traditions: Old Fashioned Day at Church

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    Talking Old Fashioned Day at Church

    I hope this is a good place to post this question since its about church and not home. I am on the activities committee at my church and we are having an old fashioned Sunday and dinner on the grounds September 23. We will have a.m. worship service followed by dinner and a hymn sing and activities for the kids. Our church is right on the Ohio River so we thought "down by the river" as part of the theme. The meal will be carry in and the activities are taken care of so my questions are1) how to get people excited and wanting to participate 2)Decorating ideas 3) maybe a very inexpensive keepake 4)just anything fun! This will almost be the atmosphere of a family reunion. It will be great if people to dress old fashioned how can I encourage this? Thanks in advance!

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    We just had our family reunion, and I think you could
    do some of the same things. Are you sending
    invitations, or could you put up posters? One thing
    that is VERY popular and would encourage people
    to attend is raffles or prizes. I was impressed at our
    reunion that the ladies for years have done this. There
    are three tables of prizes:

    The Raffle-these tickets are sold-20 for $5.00 and
    the money is used for next years reunion to pay
    for renting the pavilion and hotdogs and burgers,
    plus the buns and condiments.

    The white elephant drawing. Everyone gets
    a ticket-or you could write #'s on the plates.
    The gifts aren't wrapped, but everyone brings
    a gift from home that is new or very gently
    used and then the numbers are drawn for the
    winners until the prizes are gone.

    Kid's table: everyone brings dollar store
    toys, books, new items they got on sale.
    One cousin told me she picks them up all
    year. They are wrapped and have boy-girl
    and age groups on them. After the games
    the kids receive prizes. So everyone wins!

    let me think on the decorating ideas!

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    Cyndi Martin

    Smile Old Fashioned Day at Church

    For our family reunion each year, everyone hand-makes something. Some do woodwork, or ceramics, or even baked goods. We have a little auction of these things to pay for the meeting place and the meat for next year. It is potluck, but the cousins who live close get the meat. The auction is always very popular!

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