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Old Fashioned Family Traditions: Colored Bread for Tea Sandwiches

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    Colored Bread for Tea Sandwiches

    My mother used to make tea sandwiches with "dyed" bread back in the fifties. The bread was still soft and colored pink, blue, yellow, etc. Anyone know how it is done?

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    Do you think she spritzed it some how with food coloring????

    Just guessing. Maybe someone else knows the answer. = )
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    Our local bakery makes coloured bread - green for St Patrick's Day, red at Christmas time and pink/yellow at Easter etc. If you are baking the bread yourself you'd just add some food colouring to the dough before kneading. But I have no idea how you'd colour already cooked bread.
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    Colored Bread :D

    Lots of bakeries will make colored bread if you just ask.......they should ask you too which way you want it sliced..........regular or long ways........when you cut the colored bread long ways you can make pinwheels - just spead your favorite spead from end to end and roll up into a tube - put that in the freezer .......then defrost and slice when you are ready........WE ALWAYS use them at our tea parties!

    The Shop Rite near us makes RAINBOW, purple, yellow and pink all rolled into one!

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    OOOOH! I'd love to know how to make the rainbow bread. I can see kneading the color into it while kneading the dough, but how would you do rainbow, other than to roll several different pieces of dough together to for the loaf. Would that work, do you think? I am making bread Thurs, I think I'll give it a try with one loaf, my kiddos will love it and it'll be a fun treat!

    LOL, thinking out loud again....... and yes, I do talk out loud as much as I 'think' out loud on here.


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