Sweet Relief for Tired Feet

Sweet Relief for Tired Feet

From Natural Foot Care

by Stephanie Tourles

Take a good look at your feet after theyÂ’ve spent a day in snug leather shoes. What do they look like? Feel like? Are your feet pink and healthy and rarinÂ’ to go and run about? Probably not. More likely your ten toes are squished against each other, resembling sardines in a can. The skin of your feet looks lifeless, perhaps gray in color and slightly clammy to the touch -- likely not in the mood to respond positively to, "Tennis anyone?" How does a foot massage sound?

Regardless of whether youÂ’re on the receiving end of a foot massage or youÂ’re the one giving it, you both will experience many benefits, Even if you are simply massaging your own feet, it can still be a rewarding and satisfying way to end your day.

The Giver:

Giving a friend or loved one a foot massage is very soothing and calming for you, too, and can actually cause your blood pressure to decrease. ItÂ’s a very caring, nurturing, and bonding experience to share with another person.

The Receiver:

Obviously, this is really the best position to be in. Foot massage will help reduce your stress, boost circulation, and relieve blood stagnation from wearing ill-fitting shoes. In addition, it will dramatically relax your body, soothe foot muscles, and undo knots and tension in your toes, balls of your feet, arches, and ankles. It will even soften your feet if a cream or massage oil is applied!


Though not as fulfilling as having your feet massaged by another, self-massage enables you to care for your feet on a regular basis, to de-stress and pamper your feet as you see fit.

Agony of the Feet Relaxing Massage Oil

You'll Need:

2 teaspoons (10 ml) castor, jojoba, soybean, or extra-virgin olive oil

3 drops lavender essential oil

1 drop German chamomile essential oil

1 drop geranium essential oil

To Make:

Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl. Stir thoroughly. Yields 1 treatment.

To Use:

Use approximately 1 teaspoon (5 ml per foot and massage in completely. Inhale the aroma on your hands before you massage, and continue to breathe deeply, as these particular oils are extremely calming. Put on socks after massage to absorb excess oil and soften feet.

Excerpt From Natural Foot Care by Stephanie Tourles-used with permission

For illustrations and instructions on foot massage click here


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