The Cold and Flu Garden

The Cold and Flu Garden




Using                                 simple organic techniques, you can grow a healing                                 garden, such as the one below, for more than 20                                 medicinal herbs including garlic, echinacea, dill,                                 and peppermint to treat headaches, rejuvenate                                 the energies, relieve aching tummies, and even                                 fight seasonal colds.


Here's                 a plan for a germ-fighting garden from Herbal                 Remedy Gardens by Dorie Byers.



1                                   Thyme

                                  2 Garlic cloves
                                  3 Cayenne pepper
                                  4 Yarrow
                                  5 Echinacea
                                  6 Peppermint
                                  7 Rosemary


Plant                                 a Germ-Fighting Garden



This                       garden plan is excerpted from Herbal Remedy Gardens                       by Dorie Byers. You can find out more about this book here.


A                                 smaller garden for these plants could be tiered                                 or terraced, bordered on two sides by yarrow and                                 echinacea.


Plant                                 prostrate rosemary on the bottom row so that it                                 will spill over the edge. Use flat stones stacked                                 on top of each other or cedar logs to support                                 the soil in each tier. Do not use treated lumber,                                 because the chemicals used in treating the wood                                 can leach into the soil and subsequently be absorbed                                 into the herbs.


For                                 some added character, try placing an old wooden                                 ladder or wagon wheel on your prepared ground.                                 Plant different herbs between the spokes or rungs.


Honey                                 of a Remedy


This                                 is a most pleasant way to ingest thyme when you’re                                 suffering from a cold and congestion.


1                                 cup honey
                                1/2 cup fresh or 1/4 cup dried thyme


Combine                                 the two ingredients and heat gently over low heat                                 for 15 to 20 minutes, making sure the honey does                                 not boil or scorch.


Remove                                 from the heat and allow the honey to cool. Strain                                 out the herbs, then bottle the honey and label                                 it.


To                                 relieve colds, coughs, and sore throats, take                                 1 teaspoon of honey three times a day. You can                                 also add a teaspoon to a cup of regular hot tea                                 and sip slowly.

Excerpted from Herbal                 Remedy Gardensby Dorie Byers.Used with Permission

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