A Child's First Tea Set

A Child's First Tea Set

Teaching our children about tea parties is not only fun, but it instills manners, and a gentleness in them, as we learn how to drink our tea and be a host or hostess to our guests. My daughter was only a year old when we had our first mini tea party one Valentine's Day. She was in her high chair at the table with her brothers and I, as we nibbled chocolate and drank milk from tea cups. Later, throughout the year we had other tea parties and she was able to drink out of her own teacup before she was two. She is now almost 6 years old and has a small collection of porcelain tea sets, plus a few plastic sets. We still have tea parties with her brothers, and together we have tea for lunch when she isn't in school. It's our special time to spend together.

The following book and tea set are perfect for ages 2 and up. Both are pretty, yet sturdy enough to take toddler abuse! The important thing is to take things slowly and not be "formal" with your toddler. Sing "I'm a Little Teapot", invite the stuffed animals and dolls to tea, and have fun!

I recommend that you find an old doily or small table cloth to use for your tea parties. Don't close the tea set away, but allow it to be set up in their room on a small table or dresser, accessable to your child or grandchild whenever they want to put on tea!

My Very 1st Tea Party

by Michal Sparks

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Michel Sparks beautifully illustrates this charming board book. I read it aloud to my daughter the first time and saw her little face light up and her eyes twinkle. She loved hearing about Miss Honey B and her tea party. It's a book we will treasure always, yet since it's a board book, she can carry it around and look at it whenever she wishes. The pretty pictures were an inspiration to me, and I'm already keeping an eye out for a similiar design of teapot and cups for my daughter when she gets older!

Fisher Price Musical Tea Set

by Fisher-Price

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This tea set is perfect for ages 2 to 4 or 5 years old. It "tinkles" when tea is poured, but I found it charming, not annoying. When the lid is pushed it plays the tune of "I'm a Little Tea Pot". It's heavy duty plastic, yet it's pretty and delicate at the same time. I loved the tray and the entire set up, as did my daughter. We sit and have pretend tea parties each day. This was the perfect gift for her 2nd birthday!

Note-the order information at Amazon says it's for 3 and up, but the actual product is safe for 2 and up. There are no small parts in the set.

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