Recycling Tips: Film Canisters

Recycling Tips: Film Canisters

Our subscribers at Old Fashioned Living LOVE recycling film canisters! Over the last year they have sent in some creative tips to reuse these plastic containers. Of course always wash the canisters with hot, soapy water and rinse well.
Concerning empty film containers. 1 Hershey's Kiss and 1 Hershey's Hugs Candy will fit into the container to give someone a "hug and a kiss". We give these to nursing homes. ~Patti Rowan

Another idea for empty film canisters - they are perfect for saving quarters. Now that we have the state's quarters, you can keep all the states individually and perhaps have enough to help out friends who are missing some in their own collections. ~Marilyn Downs

Empty film containers are really good too. Especially the clear ones. They are easy to get into as well. These can be gathered quickly at a film developing place like Wal Mart. They will even save them for you if you ask. Film canisters shy away from the pill bottle mix-up where young children are concerned. The first aid kits are great gift ideas for young children to give to their elders to carry in purses and glove boxes. Not to mention as a cub scout project. You'd be amazed at what can be crammed into a film canister. ~Beckie

Kathy Morris, one of our long time subscribers, sent in a statement from Kodak that seems to answer the film canister question we'd been asked about the safety of reusing canisters:

"Newspaper and magazine articles have mentioned "toxic residues" in the containers which might come from the film. There are none. The chemicals in a roll of film are embedded in the gelatin emulsion layers (about as thick as a human hair) and do not rub off the plastic film base. The gelatin used in film is more highly refined than that used in common gelatin-based desserts."

Also, many of the same tips I gave here for recycling pill bottles can be used for the film canisters as well.

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