A Father's Unspoken Love

A Father's Unspoken Love


By Brenda Hyde

My Dad is not an emotional guy. We can't seem to actually get out the words "I love you" except on paper. Over the years at different times I have wanted to be one of those families that were free with their emotions. As I get older however, I realize that though we may not speak those words we show them in countless ways. When I was 16 I broke up with my first real boyfriend. It turns out he was a bum. My Dad had known this but he let me ride it out, knowing I would rebel anyways. I know that the family vacation they planned right when we broke up wasn't a coincidence. We didn't speak about my teenage pain but I felt safe and was able to bounce back from the experience by the time the vacation was over.

When my first marriage ended my Dad was there again. He cosigned for my first new car. Some would think this isn't a big deal. It's just a car, but I think he knew it was a new start for me. A symbol of getting on with my life. Later, when I met my husband, Chuck, we had the big wedding I always wanted. I was older and I didn't want my Dad to pay for anything. After all, it was my second marriage. I remember I told him I had found this beautiful antique lace dress for $100.00. Before I left that afternoon he put something in my hand; five wrinkled up twenty dollar bills, and he simply said "I want to do this".

I have learned over the years that love is sometimes unspoken. Love's actions can speak louder than words. Unconditional love is often simple and unassuming. When you think about the men in your life, don't think about the words they have spoken, but remember the love they have shown you in what they do and who they are.

About the Author

Brenda Hyde is a mom, a wife and a writer. She lives in Michigan with her family and is Editor at Seeds of Knowledge.


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