A Candle of Thanksgiving

A Candle of Thanksgiving

Two shall be born a whole wide world apart

and one day out of darkness they shall stand

and read life's meaning in each other's eyes.

This month our visitors shared their most romantic memories. In going over the submissions I realized what I already knew was so true. Love is expressed differently for each person; for each couple. The most romantic memory we each treasure inside our hearts is not always the biggest gesture, but sometimes it's a tiny personal moment that stays with us forever.

The most romantic memory I have took place only this past Thanksgiving. My honey of 8 months asked me to marry him and I was so happy to say yes! On our way to my mom's for dinner we were going past a church and suddenly my new fiance turned into the parking lot. He told me had to go in for a minute and would I join him. When we got inside he told me he wanted to light a candle in Thanksgiving that God sent me into his life and to ask for blessings on our future marriage. As he lit the candle and knelt to pray, you have to know I was thanking the Lord for sending him to me!

~Donna Foti~

Our Song

I have so many memories, but I think the most heartwarming to me and the one that stays with me all the time is when my boyfriend(now my husband) was driving to work and called me on his cellular phone. He was listening to the radio and heard "I can love you like that" by All For One, and held the phone to the radio so I could listen. That song became the song that showed how much he loved me and became our song. Two years later it was our wedding song. I still get chills and smile from ear to ear when I hear that song. My husband still sings the words when it comes on the radio.

~Trini Pratz~

My Special "Ornament"

Spending our first Christmas together, my husband and I were alone in South Carolina (we are from New Jersey and my husband was a Marine stationed there). I had lost a heart shaped diamond necklace he had bought me as a wedding present. Hanging from the Christmas tree with our few ornaments (6 to be exact)was a brand new necklace with a note saying I love you.

~Rene` Bruner~

A Man of Character

This may not seem to be very romantic to some, but to me it was the most romantic moment in my life. I had met someone after two years of unsucessful dating attempts. After a week of talking we made plans to go to dinner. He came to my house and as we sat on the couch, I struggled to tell him that I was a breast cancer patient and had just been diagnosed with a rare disease that would render me blind (I was sure he would notice when I fell on my face!) He was very quiet for a few minutes and I thought, uh oh, another one bites the dust when he looked at me and smiled. He said, well...we can't change that now can we....where would you like to go to dinner. Four months later we married. That was six years ago. Roses and candy are great to be sure. But a man of character is more romantic to me.

~Jimmie Ray~

My Helper

It was in January of 1991. I broke both arms in an accident. My future husband was a truckdriver and he worked it out with his boss to come home 2 or 3 days a week to check on me. When he would come home, he would make dinner for me, make me a romantic bubble bath and he would wash my hair. Then he would set out me outfits that I could wear easily and he would set out me dinners that I could put in the microwave. So to me that was a very romantic time. He still does these things for me even after 9 years of marriage.

~Mrs. Rhonda Cantrell~

Our Special Dance

It was my junior prom and right before we had went into the dance my dress caught on the door of my car. My dress tore and I was too embarrassed to go in so after many tears on the drive home my boyfriend at the time (which later became my husband) stopped the car on the side of the road in pouring down rain found a song (Time after Time) on the radio turned it up and took me out of the car and danced with me on the side of the road. It was so sweet and then I believed that that dance was better than any I could of had at the school.

~Yvonne Lopez~

My Engagement Ring

When my husband and I got engaged, we couldn't afford an engagement ring. We picked out matching wedding bands, which to me was the true symbol of our love and fidelity for each other. One weekend, almost 3 years into our marriage, my husband went out of state to his high school friend's wedding. I couldn't go because I was in the pit orchestra for a community play. The night before he left, my husband took me out to dinner and halfway through the meal, handed me a small flowered box. In it was an engagement ring! He completely threw me off guard and I started to cry. The timing was perfect and to this day I remember the expression on his face when he saw how excited I was!

~Angela Mahnke~

My Long Distance Memory

I have a very romantic husband and I love it! My husband of 8 years, a chief warrant officer in the U.S. Army, has been mushy romantic on many occasions, which just melts my heart. He has been deployed in dangerous situations many times over the years, but always manages, despite the stress of war-like environments and hectic schedules, to send me beautiful letters, cards, emails and flowers. When he was deployed to Bosnia for a year he sent these expressions of his love often. And one day during this period while I was at work (and leading a crazy lifestyle of being a "temporarily" single-mother of two, a busy professional, and a worried wife) he sent two dozen of the most beautiful apricot-colored roses for a "just wanted you to know how much I love you and appreciate that you're the mother of my children." I'd marry this man over and over again and wait for him no matter how often his duties send him afar. I've got myself an awesome husband!

~Kellie Rodriguez~

That First Kiss

The first time my husband kissed me, it was like something out of a doris day movie and i felt shivers down my spine and my toes curled. My husband later said he felt i melted into his arms. this was during a dance when they use to have live bands play. it was wonderful and true love over 25 years later.

~Arlene Frei~


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