Pumpkin Themed Games

Pumpkin Themed Games

Nature games and activities at
the treehouse

 By Brenda Hyde

Today I have some fun games and activities for Halloween or any get together between now and Thanksgiving. These aren't just for kids! Get the entire family involved and have a great time.
Pumpkin Toss: Hollow out a fairly large pumpkin. (save the seeds!) and have each person toss 4-5 acorns, trying to get them in the pumpkin. Have two lines they must stay behind-one for the kids and one for the adults. Jot down results and the people with the most acorns in the pumpkin win!

Pumpkin Toss: Line up three pumpkins with stems. Use those same lines the person must stand behind as mention above, Use any type of hoop or ring (you can make one from tubing or thick rope of any type by shaping into a ring and taping it securely on the ends). Each person has three chances to throw the ring around the pumpkin stem. The winners receive a prize!

Pumpkin Walk: Draw and color, then cut out 10-12 pumpkins from pieces of cardboard or poster board. Place the pumpkins in a large circle with numbers on them-just like a cake walk! Each person stands on a pumpkin. Play music---everyone walks around the circle, stepping on the pumpkin shapes. When the music stops, they stop. Beforehand, cut out small pieces of paper (in pumpkin shapes of course!) with the numbers on them. Place them all in a pumpkin shaped bowl or container. Draw one number each time, and the person landing on that number receives a prize!

Name that Gourd: On a table, covered with orange paper, place anywhere from 6-12 different shaped gourds. Fold an index card in half. Draw a pumpkin shape on half of the card with an orange marker--color it in. Using a black marker place a number-- each gourd should have its own number. Place the tent shaped card in front of each gourd. Beforehand, draw or type on the computer, a sheet that has the same numbers with a blank space long enough to write a few words. You'll want to copy off enough to have one of these sheets per guest. It's really neat if you let one of the kids draw pumpkins around the edge of the paper and get creative--be sure to have them sign their name as the artist-- and then copy it off for the party. Give each guest one of the papers and a pencil or pen. The object? Each person must write on their paper what each gourd looks like to them. They must use their imagination! Have each person read their descriptions out loud.

Musical Pumpkin: Fill a Halloween Pumpkin Bucket with fun little favors of all types. Everyone should sit in a circle. When the music starts playing each person must pass the pumpkin to the next one. When the music stops, whoever has the pumpkin gets to pick a prize by reaching in and taking the first thing they grab. (You can make them close their eyes if you wish). This is great for the little ones!


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