Autumn Decorative Broom

Autumn Decorative Broom

By Brenda Hyde

I bought a scented broom for .99 at the craft store and had to share this easy craft. You can also use any dried flowers from your garden in place of the sunflowers. I love them, but mine didn't do well this year, so I bought silk blooms.

You will need:

Scented Pine Broom*

Ribbon for bow or premade bow of choice


Green Eucalyptus

Dried Yarrow (silk in a pinch)

Silk sunflowers (3-4 blooms)




Glue Gun/sticks

*Our broom was about 3 foot long, but a shorter one will do. It's also cinnamon scented. Cut eucalyptus in desired lengths and glue onto the broom. This will be your longest item so it should be placed below the rest. You should be working so that the items are "upside down" so they are fanning out on the broom, not the handle. Arrange your sunflowers and yarrow on top of the eucalyptus and glue into place. Make a large loopy bow or use a premade one and wire tightly where the flowers are attached to hide the glue and the ends.

I also cut raffia and let strands hang down as an accent from the bow. After all of this is in place then fill in with short pieces of gypsophila using the glue gun to attach. Hang from your door, on the porch or as a wall decoration.

Easy Easy Alternative

An neat alternative is to use autumn picks on the broom, where you can bend them around the handle, then tie on a bow of ginham fabric or raffia. No gluing is involved and you can remove the pick and bow for storage!

About the Author

Brenda is a wife, mom to three and a freelance writer. She is also editor of Old Fashioned


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