Relaxation Eye Bags

Relaxation Eye Bags

Relaxation Eye BagsFrom Gifts For Herb Lovers

By Betty Oppenheimer


You Will Need:

Tightly woven cotton fabric, 10" x 10"

1/2 cup flax seed

1/2 cup dried lavender flowers




Chalk or pencil

Needle and thread or sewing machine

Canning funnel


Relaxation Eye Bags


1. Fold the fabric in half, right sides together, and press flat.

2.Using a ruler and chalk or pencil, draw the bag shape onto the fabric. Note:The basic dimensions are 5" x 10". Find the center point along the top and bottom of the rectangle. Draw the center line. Locate a point 1 1/2" up from the bottom and make a mark. Locate points 2" on each side of the bottom center point. Draw a curved line connecting the upper (bridge of the nose) point to the two lower points.

3.Pin the halves of the folded piece together and cut them out.

4.Stitch around the eye bag, leaving a 2"-3" opening along the top edge, but not at a corner. Backstitch at the start and finish of the sewing, so that the bag will not begin to unravel as you fill it.

5.Turn the bag right-side out and iron it, You may need to use a straight pin to pull the corners out completely.

6.Mix together the flax and lavender. If you prefer an unscented bag, use 1 cup of flax and no lavender. The flax seeds containing healing linseed oil, and will stay cool for a long time. The lavender has natural powers of relaxation and adds an old-fashioned aroma.

7.Using a canning funnel -- or any funnel with a large spout -- fill the bag with the mixture. Pin the bag closed, carefully folding in the seam allowance to match the existing seams.

8.By hand, stitch the bag closed.

From Gifts for Herb Lovers-used with permission.

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