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Looking through my older books I found these neat tips on table decorations in Any One Can Bake from the Royal Baking Powder Co., 1927.
Flowers may be arranged in floats, bowls or vases of pottery, glass, china or silver. They are usually more effective if loosely arranged, very much as they grow, so each blossom with its leaves can show how lovely it is. Don't forget that the stems and leaves are often as decorative as the blossoms.

The Ophelia or butterfly rose with delphinium, lavender laces and white baby's breath or stevia-a few sprays of each in a glass float are lovely. Larkspur , sweet peas and sweet alyssum also make a pretty combination.

Roses by themselves are prettier than when combined with asparagus ferns, though the latter are very good with carnations, chrysanthemums and any flower that does not posses as beautiful a stem as the rose.

Fruit well arranged in a bowl or a basket is appropriate for the breakfast table or even for formal dinner, and its beautiful bright colors add greatly to the festiveness of the autumn or winter table.

Candles, and tall thin tapers, are used without shades in any of the many varieties of candlesticks or candelabra now available and are appropriate for dinner, afternoon tea or supper. The colors most useful are deep ivory tones and gold.

The International Cook Book from 1929 has interesting tips on using candles for family meals:

Candles will add to the festivity of the family meal. The candle sticks should be of silver or crystal, and should be kept highly polished and clean. If silver candlesticks are used, they should harmonize with the silver service and with the bowl which holds the flowers. The color of the candles depends on the preference of the hostess. They may be colored to harmonize with the flowers on the table or be of a contrasting color. They may be white. Either cream or ivory are the very best. Some people still associate the using of candles with a party. Today, however, the importance of the family is especially emphasized. We appreciate that nothing is too good for our own people, and the family dinner has come to be an outstanding occasion of every day. Because of this and because the candlelight is soft and restful, we have come to associate the use of candles with the family meal.


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