Our Favorite Easter Books

Our Favorite Easter Books

By Kathy Bennett

I don't have anything against the Easter Bunny, but I don't want him to be the main focus of Easter celebrations in our home. The following three books are ones I've shared with my kids to teach them about the real reason we celebrate on Easter Sunday.

The Easter Story written and illustrated by Carol Heyer

original copyright 1990

recommended age level - 4-8

ISBN 0824984390 hard cover -- Order this Book from Amazon.com

In this book, Carol Heyer recounts the last week of Christ's life on earth, from His triumphant entry into Jerusalem to His resurrection. Other authors have told this story before and since, but none have done so with Heyer's incredibly vivid illustrations. We read this book every year as part of our Easter celebration.

The Parable of the Lily by Liz Curtis Higgs, illustrated by Nancy Munger

original copyright 1997

recommended age level 4-8, 9-12 (using the Bible verses)

ISBN 0785272313 hard cover -- Order this Book from Amazon.com

This is a story on two levels. Each page contains a line or two of text from the parable, and, in smaller print, a Bible reference that relates the parable to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The parable tells the story of a girl who is waiting for a special present from her father, and then doesn't even recognize it's value when she receives it. Worse yet, she gets so upset that she got a "worthless" gift that she tosses it out into the yard in disgust. Three days later, she discovers that it was the priceless gift that she had been praying for. I use Liz Curtis Higgs's parable series in the third grade Sunday school class I teach. The kids, eight and nine year olds, really enjoy looking at familiar concepts from a fresh perspective.

The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt, illustrated by Tim Jonke

original copyright 1989

recommended age level - 4-8 (read aloud), 9-12

ISBN 0745917437 hard cover -- Order this Book from Amazon.com

In this story, three trees growing on a hill dream of greatness. The first tree wants to be made into a chest to hold priceless treasure. The second wants to be fashioned into a mighty ship that carries great kings. The third wants simply to point the way to heaven. Each tree gets its wish, but not in the way that it had imagined. Instead, each plays an important role in Christ's earthly life. My kids love this story, and even though they aren't old enough to read the book themselves, they can easily grasp its meaning.

About the Author

Kathy Bennett is a homeschooling Mom of four children, ages 8,6,4,and 3. She,her husband and their kids live on a farm in rural Missouri. She is editor of Badger Hill Farm Gazette. You can subscribe to it Here. Or join her Recipe list at Blue-Ribbon-Recipes, a diverse community of cooks of all ages, genders, religions, races, ethnic backgrounds, and cooking expertise.


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