Earwigs Inside the House and Outside?

Earwigs Inside the House and Outside?
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Just recently, since all the rain and such here in Alabama we have seen a couple of earwigs in the kitchen...help! I've heard that they breed as fast as roaches....we never had any insect problems in our home and surely don't want the earwigs to start " a family" in here now! Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated! ~Corkey in Bama

They shouldn't breed inside, so I wouldn't worry about that. The earwigs are attracted to moisture, so that explains the kitchen sightings. Eliminate any damp, moist spots like crawl spaces, areas around faucets, around air-conditioning units and along foundations. Use caulking, putty to seal openings that should be closed permanently and weather stripping around doors, windows, pipes and any other entry sites that you locate. Outdoors you can trap them in rolled newspapers, then dispose of them. Indoors, remove them by sweeping or sucking them up with the vacuum. They are mostly outside, so I wouldn't worry too much about an inside population!


The best thing I have found for earwigs, is to mix up some soapy water in a sprayer...this works better than the solution that my husband bought at a local garden store....Karen Gobble

Another good tip for those nasty Earwigs is to leave a half filled can of pop around. If the earwigs are in the garden, then bury the can in the soil up to the rim. Those nasty little earwigs are attracted to the sweet smell. They drown in the pop and that's the end of that! No more earwigs! Doesn't matter what flavour the pop is, but I have heard diet pop doesn't seem to work as well. ~Lor in Canada


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