Dressings made with your own herbs

Dressings made with your own herbs

It's not surprising that our frugal,industrious

grandparents and great-grandparents valued

herbs for their aromatic qualities as much

as for their flavor.

~Norma Jean Lathrop~

Dressings made with your own herbs are so easy, and the taste is so much fresher than store bought. Remember, that you can substitute and experiment with any of the herbs in the recipes. If you have sage instead of thyme then use it! Don't be afraid to substitute. This is how cooks develop their own recipes. Who knows what you may discover!

Thyme Vinagrette

You will need:

1/2 cup oil

1/4 cup wine or herbal vinegar

1/2 tsp. Dijon

1 Tablespoon chopped thyme

1 small red onion, minced

salt and pepper to taste

Wisk all together, and use on a green salad, pasta or crisp cooked vegetables.

Herb and Honey Dressing

You will need:

1 cup honey

1/4 cup herb vinegar

1/4 cup chopped chives, basil, parsley and thyme

2 crushed garlic cloves

Blend in blender or food processor until creamy. Makes a thick green dressing. This would even make a good dip.

Mixed Herb Dressing

You will need:

2 cups oil

1/4 cup herb vinegar

1 2oz can anchovies with oil

1 crushed garlic clove

1 tsp. paprika

1 Tablespoon fresh mixed herbs or 1 tsp. dried

Combine in blender or wisk until smooth. If you haven't tried anchovies give them a chance! They add a distinctive flavor, just as in Caesar dressings. Store in refrigerator.

Antipasto Dressing

2/3 cup olive oil

1/4 cup red wine or herb vinegar

1 Tablespoon balsamic vinegar

1 tsp. minced garlic

1/2 tsp. each salt, pepper and dried oregano

1/4 tsp. red-pepper flakes

Combine all. Makes 1 cup. Use as a marinade with mushrooms, or as a dressing.

Basket Ideas!

For a special hostess gift place a bottle of dressing, a nice bag of mixed salad, croutons and a loaf of french bread placed in a wicker basket. For a holiday basket you could place these recipes handprinted on pretty recipes cards, a bottle of herb vinegar, an empty jar to mix the dressing, and dried herbs. This would be great for a vegetarian!

About the author:

Brenda Hyde is editor of Old Fashioned Living, a freelance writer, cook, gardener and Mom. Growing and using herbs has become one of her favorite things.

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