Creating the Dream Pillow

Creating the Dream Pillow

Creating The Dream PillowThe dream pillow is a small bag or pillow made of cloth and filled with herbs. The bag or pillow is tucked inside your pillowcase. The herbs will be crunched slightly as your head moves about during sleep.

As the herbs are crushed, they release their subtle aromas. You will need: -one 5" by "12 strip of fabric -one handful cotton batting or fiberfill -1/2 cup Romantic Evening Dreams blend (below)


Creating The Dream Pillow 

To Make

1. For a decorative pillow, choose a piece of cloth that is attractive and fits the theme of the blend you are using (a flowered cloth for romance, for example). Cotton, a natural fabric, is preferred over synthetics.

2. Cut out a piece of cloth that is 5" by 12". Fold it in half with right sides together so that you have a 5" by 6" piece. Stitch up two sides of the pillow, leaving the folded side not sewn and one end open.

3. After it is cut out and sewn on two sides, launder and dry the cloth without using any fragrance or fabric softener. 4. Turn right side out and place a cotton ball-sized amount of cotton or fiberfill material in the bottom of the cloth "pocket."

5. Add about 1/2 cup of dream blend and place another small amount of cotton or fiberfill on top. (The padding is to make the pillow softer.)

6. Fold over the remaining open end and sew shut by hand with a running stitch. Your dream pillow is now ready to give as a gift or to place inside your pillowcase.

From Making Herbal Dream Pillows by Jim Long. Illustrations by Dagmar Fehlau-copyrighted



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