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Door Bouquets
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Door BouquetsAnother way of bringing the delights of your garden into the house and enjoying them the year round is to make 'Door Bouquets'. I hang new door bouquets on the outside entrance door every other month, I hang them over mirrors....even on the bed post, and even on the inside of the bathroom door or wall. When you take a bath or shower the scents are intensified.

Unlike the more structured tussie-mussie, a door bouquet is an informal massing of dried flowers, leaves, herbs, and grasses, all tied together with a length of twine or string. The effect is spontaneous and random-looking. If you don't have a garden, you can use wild flowers and grasses for this type of arrangement, or purchase drieds at a craft store.

The important thing is to select a nice variety of textures and colors that work well against each other. One example of such a combination might include flowers you have dried in silica gel, on their stems, such as peonies and lilacs. Another choice might be the herbs and the greens in a southernwood/lavender bouquet. (These are excellent on closet doors.)

Here are some instructions for a Closet Door Bouquet; This particular closet door bouquet contains herbs that deters moths and insects.

Take one full, long-stemmed sprig each of tansy, wormwood, southernwood, lavender, Silver King artemisia and rosemary. Air dry them first.

Arrange the dried sprigs in a bunch with the shortest stems on top. Fasten them tightly together with a rubber band.

Knot a length of twine over the rubber band and wind the twine around the stems for about 1 1/2 inches to hide the rubber band. Knot twine a second time and make a bow or loop.


Mad in Crafts has an excellent tutorial for creating your own door bouquet. Visit the site for instructions.

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Karen is a Master Gardener specializing in herbs, a mom and grandma. She and her husband have a Backyard Wildlife Habitat, plus 'Fairy Gardens' where the children can learn about different herbs and hear Karen read a story about the Garden Fairies and Flowers. They are open to the public May through September.

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