Taming Closet Clutter

Taming Closet Clutter

By Roxanna Ward

No matter how organized you are, there is at least one out of control closet in your home. Don't be ashamed to admit it. It is easy to do. Your closet is one of the last places anybody sees. Even you probably don't see the closet clutter often. When you do, the thought of getting the closet organized may be a little overwhelming.

Taking control of closet clutter is actually an easy task. It may take you hours the first time you do it, but once you get your closet clutter free, maintaining it will only take minutes a day.

Make sure you have plenty of uninterrupted time when you start organizing your closet. If you have to stop during your task, make sure you go right back to it as soon as you can. Leaving your task half completed only creates more clutter.

Begin by taking everything out of the closet first. Don't worry about sorting into categories just yet. Once the closet is emptied, clean the closet. Vacuum the carpet or clean the floors as needed. Scrub the walls down. Don't forget to wipe down the shelves. Do the walls need painting? Maybe some paper to line the shelves with. Just take a little extra time to make it look remarkable. All your hard work will be a waste if the closet looks grubby.

Now it is time to put your items back into your closet. As you go through your stuff, get serious and honest about each item. Ask yourself when was the last time you used it. If it has been more than one year, toss it. If you only use this item once a year, try to store it in a more appropriate place. Attics and garages are great storage areas for seldom used items. Just make sure you don't create more clutter in other areas. Store your times in a neat and systematic manner.

Another question to ask yourself is, does this item have sentimental value to you. If it does, then why is it tucked away in your closet. Take it out and display it in a way that shows you are proud of it.

When you run into something that has monetary value, consider whether it is worth your time to sell it. Online auctions and local antique shops are both great places to get rid of your clutter and make a little extra money along the way. When an item is not worth your time to sell, think of a friend or family member that might enjoy it and give it to them!

The most important step is putting your stuff back into the closet. Put like items together. Smaller items need to be put into containers. Pizza boxes, shoe boxes and video tape boxes are all inexpensive organization containers. They can be covered with fabric to create a more unified look.

When everything is back into the closet, and things are still a little cluttered, you need to purge more items. When you have a working system in place, stick with it. A few extra seconds to put an item into its home saves you time later.

About the Author:

Roxanna Ward, Community leader and staff writer for BabyUniversity, lives in Georgia with her husband and her three children. As a published freelance writer the focus of her writing is concentrated on sharing household tips, her experience with her frugal lifestyle as well as the phenomenal process of breastfeeding, child rearing related issues and romantic relationships. She is also currently the Editor of three newsletters: What's New at BabyU?, Intimate Encounters and At Home with Baby University. Sign up for those Here Roxanna can be contacted at Roxanna30135@aol.com.

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