Organizing and Cleaning Your Automobile

Organizing and Cleaning Your Automobile
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Cleaning and organizing is not just reserved for our homes and garages. Don't forget about your automobile! Here are some tips for organizing the inside of your car, truck or van.
You'll need:



old toothbrush

cotton swabs

soft towel for drying

white vinegar

dish soap


trash bag

The first step is to gather the kids together and have them clean EVERYTHING out of the cars, vans, trucks or whatever vehicles you own. Sort through it with them and throw out the garbage. This includes the glove compartments. (I had film canisters of seeds I had salvaged from our various hikes!) Vacuum out the entire inside and shake out the mats.

Add dish soap to hot water in your bucket and scrub down everything that isn't fabric. Use a toothbrush and the cotton swabs to get to the out of the way places like the vents and corners. Once this is done, empty your bucket and rinse it out. Fill with warm water and add a cup of white vinegar (a few drops of essential oil can go in too). Wipe down the same places you just cleaned with this. The vinegar smells strong but the odor will fade and it will smell fresh when dry. Take your clean, soft towel and dry the interior. Clean the windows with your favorite window cleaner or a solution of vinegar and water.

If your seats need cleaning you can do this too. We have always used a product called Tuff Stuff that you can use on the carpet and the seats. It's fairly inexpensive and works great.

Now that the car is clean, you'll need to organize. Start with the glove compartments. Make sure you have up to date proof of insurance, your registration and emergency items in each vehicle such as:

flashlight with extra batteries

emergency phone numbers

a film canister of quarters (you never know!)

baby wipes (never ending uses.)

a basic first aid kit-adapted if family members have special needs

state and local maps

pens and small notebook

small bottle of sunscreen

Also in another area of the car such as the trunk or hatchback, make sure you carry a blanket, ice scraper, tire repair kit (check the jack to make sure it's there and complete with a spare tire), bottled water, umbrella, battery cables, work gloves, basic tools such as screw drives, pliers and a hammer, a couple of old towels or rags, and something to draw attention to the car such as flares or fluorescent material of some type.

Go through everything that was taken out the vehicles and either organize it if it needs to go back in, or put it where it really belongs. As you clean and organize you may think of things that always seem to be needed when you are traveling in the car with your family. Grab a tote bag and keep extras of these items in the car. It feels great to know you'll be prepared!

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