A Rainy Day Camping Kit

A Rainy Day Camping Kit
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We all hope for sunny days during our camping trips, but let's face it, often we get at least one rainy day. It doesn't have to be a gloomy experience if you take along a Rainy Day Camping Kit.
You will need:

Plastic Tub-at least large enough to lay notebook or construction paper, and tall enough to hold all of your items.

Crayons, colored pencils, markers and #2 pencils-place these in a resealable bag to lay fairly flat in the tub.

An inexpensive activity/coloring book for each child or pages you have printed out on the internet and placed in an inexpensive folder. There is a large selection at ChildFun.com and TheFamilyCorner.com

Paper: white, colored, Sunday Comics, old magazines or any interesting paper that can be drawn on and cut up for the pictures or designs.

Scissors,glue, tape and mini stapler

Pieces of cardboard. You can save the backs and fronts of cereal boxes or other products that are blank on the inside. New items, such as shirts, blankets and pillows often have a piece of cardboard with the brand name and are blank on the other side.

A new/used book for each child: These are available at library or church sales and thrift stores for as little as 25 cents each. You can even toss in a paperback for Mom and Dad at those prices, and be sure to include a book or two to read aloud plus one for each child to have of their own.

Optional:card games, small notebooks for writing or sketching, travel bingo, a song book or a one board game that can be adapted for everyone with help, such as Scrabble. (If you take it out of the box and use plastic bags for the pieces it will take up less room or buy travel versions.)

Assemble the kit when the kids aren't around so it's a surprise-that is half the fun! There is no need to spend a lot of money. Some items you already have around the house. A few, like the crayons, pencils and markers, will be new, but be sure to buy the cheapest ones available. Once you get started with the suggestion above you will think of other things your kids will enjoy.

The paper items should be such that each child has enough to assemble a book or cards to send family after they return from camping. Since space is usually cramped, especially when tent camping, don't include things like glitter or paint, or extra messy items. Other If packed well your items should fit into a medium sized plastic tub. Not only won't your Rainy Day be gloomy, but it will be a family time to remember always!


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