Books of Bugs: Insect-Filled Picture Books

Books of Bugs: Insect-Filled Picture Books

Terry Miller Shannon

I've never gotten over my fascination with bugs. Share that miniature world with your kids or grandkids by reading them these bugly books:

Hey, Little Ant

By Phillip M. Hoose and Hannah Hoose, illustrated by Debbie Tilley

A kid and an ant debate whether the kid should squash the ant. The rhyming tale teaches about empathy and peer-pressure, in a nonpreachy and delightful way. The last line leaves the ant's fate up to the reader--and may make you think twice about squishing the next tiny picnic invader.

Gotta Go! Gotta Go!

By Sam Swope, Illustrated by Sue Riddle

This little unassuming story, about a monarch caterpillar/butterfly's life mission, really got under my grandson's skin. Every once in a while I hear him muttering: "Gotta go, gotta go! I've got to go to Mexico!" I love the "cycle of life" theme, and never mind reading it "just one more time!"

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

By Eric Carle

Here's another caterpillar on a mission. This classic book has everything. It's a counting book, a subtle study of a caterpillar's life, and a totally satisfying story. I (and the children I read to) highly recommend it.

The Bugliest Bug

By Carol Diggory Shields, illustrated by Scott Nash

Oh! I just discovered this book and I love it! The rhyme rocks, and the illustrations are adorable. Attend this "bugliest bug" contest, with tons of contestants, including one unexpected hero. Psst---who are those wily judges?

About the Author

Terry Miller Shannon and her son, Tim Warner, wrote a funny, rhyming picture book. Tim's three-year-old bath-loving son inspired TUB TOYS (Tricycle Press, 2002), which MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW says is "..greatly recommended..whimsical and fun." Check it out HERE!


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