Board Games For Preschoolers

Board Games For Preschoolers

By Heidi Hoff

Many of us have tattered boxes of board games from our childhoods in theattic waiting for the day when our children are old enough to play. Ihave a vintage Trouble game from the 70's that I play with myfour-year-old daughter, even though the bubble is coated on the insidewith twenty years worth of dust, making it hard to tell if she's justpopped a 5 or a 6. This past Christmas Santa brought Emily a few boardgames and she plays them with enjoyment. Our family is now addicted, andbefore heading out to the toy store to add to her collection I did a bitof research to find out some of the best board games for preschoolers:

1. Goodnight Moon Game by Briarpatch: If the book is in your child'slibrary then the board game will be popular too. It is a memory andmatching game that doesn't require the players to recognize letters ornumbers. In this game, everybody wins so if your Suzy isn't a verygracious loser then the Goodnight Moon Game will suffice until shelearns how to accept defeat. For ages 3-6 years.

2. Maisy's Counting Game by Briarpatch: Focuses on learning how to countby matching puzzle pieces. This game can be adjusted according to ageand skill level and can be played three different ways. It won theParents Magazine award in 1997. For ages 3-6 years.

3. Franklin Goes to School - The Game by Pressman: This game has a wideage range making it possible for siblings to play together. Thequestions are divided into age appropriate categories and also touch onbasic social values. Various skills such as spelling, observation andcounting are focused on. For ages 3-8 years.

4. I Spy Preschool Game by Briarpatch: Good value for your money as thisgame can be played five different ways. It is a visual matching gamethat requires the players to find clues through rhyming and visualdiscrimination. It won the Parents Magazine Award in 1998 and Parents'Choice Approved 1998. For ages 3-6 years.

5. Colorforms Silly Faces Preschool Game by University Games: A fun,goofy game with no pressure of cards or dice to play. Spin and add thefeature that you land on to your blank face and watch the sillinessappear! The first person to complete a face wins. A great game forchildren to play on their own while the siblings are in school. For ages3-7 years. 6. Mouse Trap by Milton Bradley: When your preschoolerreaches the age when they're too old for some games and too young forothers, Mouse Trap seems to work as a good transitional game. Mydaughter doesn't exactly stick to the rules and instead rushes throughthe building process because she finds the end result so fascinating. Ijust view it as a great introduction to the world of physics! Ages 6% 2Byears.

7. Memory Games: I've always loved the "match the picture" type ofmemory games and there are several on the market to choose from. Hereare some of the more popular ones: Original Memory Game by MiltonBradley Pooh Memory Game by Hasbro Barney Memory Game by Milton BradleyMickey and Friends Memory Game by Hasbro I Spy Memory Game by BriarpatchArthur Memory Game by Milton Bradley Busy Train Memory Game by Livingand Learning Maisy's Memory Game by Briarpatch Pokemon Memory Game byHasbro

Your may already have a collection of games that your family likes togather around the table to play. Perhaps you also have a few classicslurking in the back of your closet. The best thing about games is theway they bring families together. Why not start a tradition and have agame night once a week, starting tonight!

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