Children's Parties On a Shoestring

Children's Parties On a Shoestring

by Bridget Aubrey

It is time again for your child's birthday party, and this year the budget just won't allow to have it catered?

Don't despair! Do it yourself! You will have so much fun you wish you had to do it several times a year! With a little preparation you can have a fun filled celebration that will not break your budget.

Party Games

Make a list of party games that are appropriate for your childs age.

Pin the tail on the donkey: This is always a hit and the kids and you will be rolling with laughter.

Cotton ball scoop: Each child scoops up spread- out cotton balls with a soup ladle, blind folded. place them into a big bowl.Time each child, say for 10 scoops, then count the balls. Most balls wins Peanut hunt.

Hide peanuts: Give each child a bag. Most peanuts win a prize.

Pass the package: Put treats in a bag. Play music. Let them pass the bag around. When the music stopps, the one holding the bag gets a treat out of it. Watch that they all get a turn.

Telephone: Let the children sit in a circle. An adult whispers a sentence in a child's ear. ( My dog is black and white) That child whispers to the next one and so on. The last child shouts out what he/she heard, which is usually funny.

Haha: Everyone sits in circle. One child says"Ha!", the next says"Haha", and so on . The object is to keep a straight face! If you laugh, you are out.

Push piggy to market: Have two teams line up. Mark a starting line and finish line. Give each team an empty soda can and a three foot stick. One player from each team must push the piggy to market with one hand held behind his/ her back. First one finishes, wins.

Quack, Quack: One player is chose, blindfolded and given a stick. The other players march around in a circle. As soon as the one with the stick tapps it on the ground, everyone stops marching. The one in the middle points the stick at someone, that person must say" Quack, quack". The blindfolded player must guess who it is. If correct, they trade places.

On hot summer days, let the children play with waterguns, water baloons and run in the sprinkler. They will have hours of fun!


Decorate the house with colored balloons, and streamers. Have a home made birthday cake, or make cupcakes and let them decorate them with colored sprinkles, miniature marshmallows, M&Ms, or peanuts on top of the icing. This is sure to be a hit.

Have simple drinks like Kool-aid, iced tea and fruit juices. Have prizes ready to give to the winners of each game they play. Use items they can play with like water guns, swim rings, sunglasses, beach balls, kites. These items can be picked up reasonably at seasonal sales. If your child's birthday falls in winter, try to get seasonal items like Halloween treats, Christmas or Valentine's day.

The children will be participating and having fun instead of just watching the entertainment! For older kids you will have to find more appropriate games.

Your children and you will have a great time.

About the Author: Bridget was born and raised in Germany and is now settled in Kentucky, where she lives with her husband and family. She has two newsletters: KentuckySeasons and Erinnerungen (Memories).

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