Recycled Crafts: A Birdhouse

Recycled Crafts: A Birdhouse

 By Brenda Hyde

This is adorable birdhouse craft is easy to make and perfect for a child's room, a covered porch, as a gift for seniors and teachers. It's also a great companion activity with lessons on backyard birds or nature. Start saving those frosting containers!
You'll need for each birdhouse:

An empty washed and dried plastic frosting container with lid


Spanish moss or sheet moss

A skinny twig-about 3 inches long

acrylic paint-earth colors such as browns and greens

white primer

pine cones, acorns, silk leaves, leftover potpourri or other natural materials


foam paintbrush and small sponge

low temp glue gun or craft glue

Approx. 8" piece of craft wire-stiff but bendable

Cut a hole about an inch round (quarter size) in the front of the container. Carefully punch a small hole underneath it (not too close) for the twig. (don't insert it now-just make the hole). You'll also need to make two tiny holes on each side of the container if you want to attach wire for hanging. Use a ruler and measure to space them evenly. You can even use the edge of the wire you will be using to poke the holes.

Apply primer to the outside of the container and allow it to dry completely. Apply the brown paint to container with the foam brush and allow to dry.. Dab your sponge into the green paint and then dab it on a paper towel. Now with quick movements sponge on the paint to the entire outside of the container. Allow this to dry also.

When the step above is completed and dry, take your length of wire and place each end through the holes you made. I use a craft wire I wrap it around a pencil to "curl the wire" for a decorative look before putting the ends in the holes. You will need to bend a little section back up and wrap it around the wire again to hold it in place on both end.

Fill inside of the birdhouse with the moss. Place the lid on the container after applying a good amount of glue to the inside rim beforehand. Using the glue again, smear quite a bit over the top of the lid (after you've glued it in place) and press moss in place. The birdhouse is now ready to decorate! You can use pinecones and leaves, a little artificial bird, flowers, or use all natural items such as acorns and other little things. Potpourri works nice for this too. Tie on a raffia bow around the top of the container and insert your twig into the hole you made earlier.

EXTRA NOTES: You can change the look of this by using pastel colors and silk flowers in spring colors, rather than the natural earthy look. Also you can skip the wire and hang it with jute or twine instead. You can spend extra time and materials when making this as a gift or gather together scraps and a lot of fun items to let the kids go crazy! For a classroom or group of kids, cut the plastic ahead and apply the primer to save time.

About the Author:

Brenda Hyde is Mom to three little ones, a freelance writer and editor/owner of OldFashionedLiving.

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