Autobiographical/Biographical Scrapbook Project

Autobiographical/Biographical Scrapbook Project

by Tamera Bastiaans

Editor's Note: Tamera shared with us how special her lesson plans were on this topic and we wanted to share them for use in class, for homeschooling projects or as a family project. Using Tamera's lesson plans and your imagination you will be able to record each family members dreams, memories and life!

Assume that it is forty or fifty years in the future, and someone has chosen to write a biography of your life and times. This person has come to you as asked you to provide him/her with information that might shed some light on your past. This could be in the form of letters, pictures, anecdotes, items, and memoirs.

Your job is to compile a scrapbook of useful, interesting information from which the biographer can choose material to help him/her write your life's story. Your scrapbook must contain a minimum of ten items. You may choose from the following list or check additional items with your teacher before including them.

1. a letter you have written to someone which reveals something about your character

2. a recollection you have about an incident in your past (funny, scary, sad, etc.)

3. a favorite story that a relative of yours likes to tell about you

4. a description of activities in which you like to participate and how you participate in these

5. a description of your sense of humor. Perhaps you can include your favorite jokes, cartoon clippings, etc.

6. a poem or short story you have written

7. drawings you have done

8. photos of yourself (with or without) others depicting how you like to spend your time (include explanations)

9. a family tree and/or an interesting story about your family's background that might shed some light on your past (try interviewing a grandparent!)

10. a description of the person you most admire and why

11. describe your future plans and how you plan on accomplishing those goals

12. make a list of your ten favorites (book, magazine, movie, star, song, singer, group, sport, athlete, TV show, food, clothing, restaurant, color, etc.)

13. a brief biography of your parent's lives (interview them)

14. a description of your proudest moment

15. a description of some of the major news events from your life, from your point of view (world events, local events, etc.)

16. tell about something you passionately believe and why you believe it

17. a note from a teacher, school paper or report card you are proud of

18. a list of best friends (and enemies) from your life (include photos when possible)

19 five or more of your autobiographical paragraphs (you may include photos)

20. a description of the many fads you and your friends have gone through

Autobiographical Paragraph Topics

-- describe your bedroom from top to bottom

-- some of your favorite snacks

-- describe your chores from "best" to worst

-- describe a typical evening at home

-- your most memorable experience at an amusement park

-- a holiday you'll never forget

-- your worst flying, boating, biking or motorcycle experience

-- your most "dangerous" experience

-- an unforgettable dream

-- the hardest thing you've ever done

-- your best vacation

-- your most embarrassing moment

-- your first friend (or enemy)

-- a memorable "visit" to the dentist, doctor or hospital

-- your favorite senior citizen

-- commercials you can't stand

-- illnesses you've had (measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc.)

-- list all of the pets you have ever had

-- describe the stuffed animals or toys you'll never give up

-- describe a classmate you "worshipped" when you were young

-- a time you were a discipline problem

-- a situation you wish you had handled differently

-- a time you lost, broke or ruined something that belonged to someone else

-- a memorable school field trip

-- your hardest class or your best class

-- a favorite teacher or coach

-- a memorable bus ride

-- a typical lunch hour at Placerita

-- ten of your favorite songs growing up

-- ten favorite TV shows growing up

-- a memory that wasn't funny at the time, but is funny now

-- your first crush on someone

-- describe your first (bike, skateboard, roller blades, horse, etc.)

-- tricks you've played on the baby-sitter or substitute

-- describe the different places you have lived

-- describe your strongest beliefs

-- explain what you loved and hated about life in the 1990's

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