How To Make Wax-Dipped Scented Teddy Bears

How To Make Wax-Dipped Scented Teddy Bears

From Sher Bailey

What you'll need to make wax-dipped scented bears:

Something to melt wax in.

(I use an old crock-pot. You'll need to use something that doesn't overheat the wax and something you will only use for melting wax.)



fragrance oil

rubber gloves


wax paper

saucer or plate.

If you're giving the bear as a gift, you'll also need:

cellophane bag, ribbon

Quick Tip 1: I would suggest starting with a small bear with short hair. You can do longhaired bears as well, but start simply. I get my bears at Family Dollar or a similar store so that I keep my costs low.

Quick Tip 2: Although you can use bears that aren't jointed, they are harder to work with. They don't want to sit up straight unless you really work with them. Try to find jointed bears or bears that are already shaped to sit.

Quick Tip 3: Unless you have candle making supplies already on hand, you will be fine just using regular paraffin that you can buy at Wal-Mart. It can typically be found in the canning supplies section.

Quick Tip 4: Your scent is no place to skimp. Get the best you can find. Try Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Remember to add the scent after the wax is melted completely and right before you are ready to dunk your bear. Otherwise, you'll cook the scent out!

Quick Tip 5: For extra long lasting scent, you can inject your bear as well. That is just what it sounds like. Buy an inexpensive syringe and inject your bear with the scented wax.


Melt your wax. Add 1 to 1.5oz of your fragrance oil. Dip bear into scented wax. Using rubber gloves squeeze out as much wax as possible. Quickly, take a fork and fluff the fur until it`s all picked out and it looks the way you want. If you don`t move quickly, your bear will have dandruff! Place on wax paper to dry. When dry, place your scented air freshener bear on a plate to protect furniture.

If you're giving it as a gift, enclose it in cellophane and tie with ribbon.

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