Choosing Beads

Choosing Beads

By Mary Jane Booth

When choosing beads there are several things to keep in mind. First find a source where the beads are going to be readily available. You do not want to start with a style and color, then find that you suddenly cannot get them any more. Sometimes going with another company is not a good idea, because the colors or sizes will differ from the first source.

Be sure to ask questions regarding colors from batch to batch. It is not acceptable to have color changes occur from batch to batch. Sometimes you can get such drastic changes in colors that they actually clash!

Sizes can also be different from source to source. If you order a 4mm, you want it to be a 4 mm., not a 4.5. Even that much can make a big difference.

Quality runs differently also. For instance, with Cat's Eye beads, (Fibre Optics), there are different grades. Usually A and B grades. It makes a tremendous difference. Good grade-A cat's eye beads possess colors that actually seem to glow! They are so beautiful. However, sometimes the B grade quality beads can be quite dull. The best thing to do is to start and remain with good quality, grade-A beads. It will never do to mix them.

We need to start with the best quality materials we can so that our beautiful designs are the best they can be.

About the Author

Mary Jane has been crafting and selling bead creations for three years. You can see her unique designs (the picture above was taken from a grouping of her bracelets) on her website at MJ's Final Touch

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