The Treehouse Apple Fest!

The Treehouse Apple Fest!

Apples are such a wonderful fruit, and there are so many things you can use them for in your family; eating, crafts and recipes! Here are some special projects and recipes from our Treehouse Friends. We hope you have an Apple Fest at your house this year!

Apple recipes from our friends

Olivia's Microwave Baked Apple

Get a very juicy apple

Have Mom cut it in half (not longways) and take out the seeds and core it.

Take some white sugar and sprinkle in on both halves of the apple.

Take some "special sugar" (brown sugar) and sprinkle it on both halves. Put some extra brown sugar in the hole where the core was.

Add a little butter (maybe a teaspoon full) to each apple (in the core)

Close the apple

Have Mom/Dad put it in the microwave.

Set the cooking time to 90 seconds.

Have Mom/Dad take it out.

Let it cool because it can be very hot.


Eammon and Padraig's

Apple Cinnamon Mickey Mouse Pancakes

2 cups Jiffy Mix (or Bisquick)

1 egg



1 medium apple

Have a nearby grownup peel, core and coarsely chop the apple (if you are old enough, you can do this yourself with a grownup's supervision). Put the apple in a small bowl and set aside.

Add Jiffy mix, 1 egg and enough milk to make a batter. If you have trouble stirring, the batter is too thick and needs more milk. Add either 1 tsp. of cinnamon and mix again. Finally, stir in apple chunks.

On a warm griddle (sprayed with non-stick spray), have a grownup ladle the batter into three circles, the biggest below, and the smaller two on top for ears. (for this to work, all circles must touch to make one mouse face shaped pancake). Cook on both sides until golden brown.

Break out the syrup and go to town!

Collin's Apple Activities!

Collin is one of our Treehouse friends, and his Mom gave us these neat apple projects we can try at home!

Apple printing

Slice an apple in half, dip in paint, stamp on paper. You can make greeting cards ,stationary or decorate a Welcome sign that says "Welcome, we love Autumn!".

Apple Picture

Draw an outline of an apple on a piece of paper. Now paint or squeeze glue onto the picture, tear up red/yellow/green tissue paper and decorate your apple. For more texture, twist, crumple or do both to the tissue paper before sticking it on paper.

For more kid's fun and recipes visit The Treehouse!


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