The Great American Handbook: A Book Review

The Great American Handbook: A Book Review

By Brenda Hyde

The Great American Handbook

What You Can Do for Your Country-Today and Every Day

By Cheri Sicard

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After September 11th, scores of Americans rediscovered their patriotism. Some, including well-known radicals from the 60's, found a love they didn't really know existed for their country. Support was shown by toddlers waving tiny flags to businesses displaying custom made flags of enormous size. It was a comfort to me, and I'm sure to many Americans to see this wonderful show of support. However, we need to take it further than this-we need to show our patriotism through words and actions. Cheri Sicard shows us how we can do this on a daily basis in The Great American Handbook.

Her book is one to stick in your back pocket, to keep on your desk or throw in your backpack...but don't let it just sit there. Highlight it! Use it as a reference, and most of all, take on the challange to "Be involved, Be informed and Celebrate". She's broken the book down into these three areas, and when you are finished reading it you will never have to wonder "What can I do for my country today?", because she has given you a handbook that will guide you, give you purpose and help you educate those around you. You'll discover sources online and offline to help you understand our government and to get assistance. You will find out how to volunteer, how to send a letter to our troops, how to understand the electoral college (admit it-not many of us do!), plus you'll find all four verses of our national anthem and many, many more practical resources to assist you in helping the country. As a parent, I especially appreciated the resources for kids, and the fun, but educational ideas Sicard gives for families.

The Great American Handbook isn't a book about politics. It's a book about being American. Democrats, Republicans and Liberatarians alike can join in a common purpose after reading Sicard's book, and this is always a good thing.

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